Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life:

how it all started…..

Feng Shui Book Move Your Stuff Change Your LifeIt was about 1994 or 5 when I thought I had something to offer others in the field of feng shui by way of a book. I was at the time, a landscape architect who had been studying and applying feng shui principles to my design work. But a funny thing happens when you start to arrange your environment more optimally…your path becomes clearer, your authentic self more aligned, you can take greater risks feeling confident of their outcome.

So I pitched Simon and Schuster a book entitled “Feng Shui Your Landscape.”

And they politely declined. The rejection letter said that “although they are looking to acquire a feng shui book, this wasn’t the one.”

Did you see it? The opportunity? When you have your home feng shuied, you start to notice the opportunities right under your nose, that before you were convinced weren’t there. So I seized the opportunity. I called them back and asked, “What feng shui book are you looking to acquire?”

Their answer was…”A FUN feng shui book.”

Long story short, January of 2000 Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life hit the shelves. It soon became a national best-seller (I used feng shui techniques specifically for that,) has been translated into seven languages, and has sold over a half a million copies.

And if you liked Move Your Stuff, then check out my new book that hits the stands in January 2014!

Make a Shift, Change Your Life

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A lot of time has past since I wrote Move Your Stuff. I’ve got about 15 more years of in-the-field wisdom from working with clients one-on-one, and I’ve also sought out additional teachers and trainings in the specific fields of bau-biology (healthy-home stuff!) and Neuro-Linguistic Repatterning (mind-decluttering stuff!) I’ve also continued my spiritual growth practices (meditation-type stuff!) too. So, it was becoming obvious in my consultations with clients that I had more to offer than the traditional feng shui conversation, as my clients kept saying, “Wow! You do so much more than feng shui!”

So, that’s why I wrote Make a Shift, Change Your Life — to expand the possibilities for ways to empower your mind, body, spirit, and of course, your environment! (These 4 headings happen to be how the book is divided up, just to make it easy for you!)

If you’ve heard me speak, you’ve probably heard me say, “I don’t care what methods I use to help my clients,I just care that I’ve helped them and they got the results they wanted.” And this book is the cream of the crop of the techniques that I use in my consultations. And yeah, yeah, there’s some of my goofy stories and sense of humor and in there too.

Anyway, I hope you like my book, but more importantly, I hope you use it and find a greater sense of happiness, health, and freedom from using it!

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