7 Questions for Self Discovery

Happy New Year!

Since many people use this annual event to self- reflect, I thought I’d offer up a quick list of questions that may provide some insight into where you might want to put your energy this year.

1. What were my dreams when I was a child (like around 10 years old.) Who and what did I want to be back then?

2. What have been my greatest sources of joy and fulfillment in my life?

3. What activities are my greatest sources of joy professionally?

4. What activities do I absolutely love in my personal life?

5. What are my greatest talents and natural abilities?

6. What is the one most important thing I would like to accomplish in my career?

7. What is the one most important thing I would like to accomplish in my personal life?

If you follow the energetic trail of  your answers, you should eventually feel like you are being propelled towards living life “in the flow” – that sense of being right where you’re supposed to be, where life seems to take care of you.

When I was 10, when we played house and dolls, I remember being the “single lady interior decorator.”  (I had to be single, so any babies wouldn’t be left home alone.) While everyone was playing with their dolls in their “houses,” (made of cardboard boxes, etc.) I was the one that went around  and re-arranged their boxes into “better arrangements,” and consulted on their color choices…..go figure. I guess you could call me “a natural” in the feng shui consulting world. After eventually becoming a landscape architect – (which is what I THOUGHT I wanted to be after those playful years,) I have to say, that profession never gave me the “in the flow” feeling like feng shui does. I was always struggling for one reason or another.

Was it scary to toss a four-year degree and several hard-won state licenses in a notable profession to become a feng shui consultant? Uh- YEA!

Was it worth it – Uh- YEA!

Here’s to you in 2011 – may you find life as playful as I do!