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QUESTION: On page 31 of chapter 1 in your book, it talks of “Other” being the most powerful. I do not know specifically what other (s) this refers to. Can you make clear?

ANSWER: When I speak of the cure “Other,” I am talking about a cure that works very quickly and very specifically for you. This cure can change your vibration in an instant, and possibly not do a thing for someone else. Let me give you a couple of examples:

I consulted with a gal who was a writer for several magazines. She procrastinated until the very last minute, but never missed a deadline because she had her “other” cure that would always work. She had a red baseball cap. When she could absolutely procrastinate no longer, she would don the red cap and go sit at her desk. The mere fact that she had the cap on her head gave her the confidence and where- with-all to get the writing task completed on time. That cap meant business to her. It meant there was nothing left to do but write – and write she did.

Now, that cap didn’t look or feel like it had any special powers to me. As a matter of fact, it just looked like an old red cap. But to her, it was just the ticket!

Another gal purchased a pair of Oprah’s shoes somewhere, and kept them in her closet. And whenever she found herself feeling a little beaten up by life, she got out the shoes and stuck them on her little feet. And as soon as she did, she immediately stood up a little taller, a little prouder and a little more confident. As she placed her feet in the shoes she raised her fists and said “If Oprah can do it, so can I!”

It changed her energy immediately. She got invigorated by merely putting on a pair of shoes. I don’t know if it would have worked on me, but it did her – which makes it her “Other” cure.

Do you have something that consistently represents the essence of whatever you may be temporarily missing in life? Perhaps it means “that special something” to no one else in the world but  you. That can be your “other” cure.

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  • Lil B. October 31, 2011 at 11:50 am

    It sounds like a cure or “talisman” that can work anywhere, regardless of gua location or color/materials/etc … like a “lucky charm”. For me it’s a locket with my Great Grandmother’s photo in it, a locket I inherited when she passed at the age of 84.

    She lived through two World Wars and the Russian Revolution. If she survived that with her sanity intact and still had love in her heart, I can certainly survive d@ng near anything life throws my way 🙂 Not that I am tempting Fate here to throw more nasty challenges my way, but this post/reminder came at a much needed time. I have been in a deep blue funk and it’s time I snapped out of it. Thank you.

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