The best compliment an educator like Karen can receive is the positive feedback she’s known to receive from her students and readers of her best-selling book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. The following is just a small sample of some of the success stories from people just like you:


I had used your move your stuff change your life.  And everything that I tried for came true, unfortunately, I was not as specific as I should have been.

I purchased your new book the other day, last night I put together my helpful people box (mine was empty and I don’t know what happened to the old stuff).  Anyway, I have been having trouble getting paid by one of the insurance companies, so I wrote, I am so happy that DME has gotten me listed and my money is flowing freely!!  At 11:33am this am (I did it last night about 6pm), I got an email that they will now accept the bills and pay them!!  Talk about fast!  Thank you thank you thank you!!

~Patricia K.


Because I have applied feng shui to my life, I have just returned from my dream European vacation. Three years ago I was drowning in debt and an expensive vacation like this seemed impossible. Not only have I applied feng shui to design but more importantly to my thoughts. Thank you for providing me the tools to change my life!!!!!!!!!

~Silvia T


I LOVE Feng Shui! And even with all of the moving of my stuff and changing of my life, there was an underlying theme that kept showing up and sabotaging my efforts. This repetitive theme (aka: unconscious pattern) drained me of creative energy and hope. Even though I wanted to experience more joy, ease and flow in all aspects of my life…the truth was I was feeling stuck and extremely frustrated. Thankfully, Karen has incredible tools to also feng shui the mind! The Mindset Makeover session that Karen offers is truly transformational, and afterwards I not only feel different, I am different!   It is truly amazing, and it was such a great experience.

~ Lisa  A.


Things still feel unsettled in my brain, but I am already noticing changes.  For example, this morning I had an Earth Day brunch at my home where I talked about things we can do for the environment, both for the planet and for our homes.  I had more people in attendance than I’ve had at any other event, and more in product sales.  When I was taking orders – a part of me wanted to give people the product at the member price, but I kept it at the retail price – letting them know they could get a discount if they became a member. There was an actual dialog going on in my head about what to charge them.  My natural tendency is to give people the lowest possible price without regard to my profit – not the best idea if you want a viable business.

Also, an exchange with my son this afternoon that could have turned into an argument, dissipated into a non-event.  What a relief!

I anticipate more positive changes and will keep you posted.

~ N. M.


After Karen came to my home, my life did a 180. At first, I cursed her because it seemed everything was going haywire. She kept saying that what I was calling “haywire” was nothing more than change – and that’s what I asked for. (Of course, she said it in a kind way, but you get the picture. To be truthful, she actually warned me that big changes were heading my way and to not label them one-way or the other until I spoke with her. I guess, I didn’t believe. I thought that somehow asking for big changes with feng shui was going to somehow show up without ruffling any of my feathers!)  She was right. Everything that we set out to accomplish (career, relationships with family, etc.) has not only improved, it is now better than I ever thought it could be. Karen kicked my butt with feng shui and all her “other” stuff, and I needed it. Hire her. It is worth it. My career change alone paid for her consultation and then some!

~ S.H.


I got your book and it literally changed my life. My friends and I have been into Feng Shui for awhile getting okay results. I first took down all my decor and painted my center hall butter yellow. I realized that I had too much wood furniture and my decor was mostly earth. Within 23 days of getting your book I got “the perfect” job, after 2 years out of work and just in time to start paying back student loans. I have used the aluminum foil envelope over 10 times and every result has been better than I imagined. I had a doctor who changed her agenda and attitude 180 degrees. My cousin finally got his stuff out of my basement after 5 years. Overall, my family is more communicative and I have become more creative. I now look at my space with a ‘what would Karen do here’ perspective. I’m not done yet! A great thank you Karen and to the great people that surround you.

~ Elizabeth


Greetings from Temecula, California, where we are growing avocados successfully, thanks to you and your keen Feng Shui advice! In the state of California, the average avocado grove yields about 2,500 pounds of avocados per acre . This year we yielded 9,000 pounds per acre! Nearly four time the state average! We are blessed.

~ Robert O.


I raced through Karen’s book. I started with her suggestions on stopping chi from being drained (e.g., red tape around sink drains and the toilet in my “prosperity” gua). I began to feel more energy and clarity, so then I got busy on the “Helpful People” gua. I bought a cheap box from a crafts store, wrapped it in aluminum foil, wrote out a few things for which we needed immediate help and put them inside. I cleared out four shelves of a bookcase and put out pictures of my helpful people, my little improvised box, bells and a steel bowl with more index cards in it for longer-term affirmations for assistance. Things improved almost immediately. My sleep doctor suddenly became more helpful and found I have a second sleep disorder–now I’m getting help for it, too. My life partner, who has MS, was hospitalized, but this resulted in my obtaining supplies and help for her that I hadn’t succeeded in obtaining on my own. This is making a huge difference for her well-being and my sanity. Even people who have tried to hurt me have only wound up helping me beyond measure. OK, specifically that means that a manager who wanted to fire me found out she didn’t have the legal authority to do so–but she did burn all my bridges to a career I never enjoyed but did not have the courage to leave. Now the manager who could fire me will help me make a profitable transition out of that career, which I only started because I stopped believing I could make money doing the work I really love–writing. Now I’m going back to writing–with my career guided by brilliant and caring people.  Through Karen’s book, I began to see how I had expressed inner confusion, congestion and fear in my environment. Somehow I had never gotten a handle on these problems through any kind of introspection or therapy. But, thanks to Karen, I see I create an environment that reflects my inner self, for good or bad. Seeing these problems outside has made it possible for me to see them inside. I feel like Karen has empowered me to heal lifelong problems. With what I’ve learned from Karen, now I can see and feel and understand my problems AND I have the knowledge to create the energy flow to heal them. I’ll be darned, as I’m moving my stuff, I really am changing my life. Thanks, Karen.

~ Traci


Your book was very humorous, and offered easy ‘cures’ to a variety of situations. After putting just a few of your ideas into practice in my own apartment, my husband and I experienced a very uncharacteristic influx of good fortune; our careers, our income, our LOVE LIFE (you weren’t kidding about that red felt!!!). Consequently I have decided to pursue my own dreams of becoming a professional feng shui consultant! Thank you for the inspiration!

~ Rhonda Z.


Remember when we were in class in Naples and you had us write down something that we wanted to manifest in our lives. I read mine aloud and I stated I would have a new Mercedes by November 15th and a significant other to ride along with me in it. Well as I told you on the phone the significant other manifested himself in my life on September 11th and yesterday October 20th I got the new 2009 Mercedes Benz. I just want you to know I believe Feng Shui is the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. I am really learning how to manifest what I want on a consistent basis. Thanks for all the helpful hints.

~ Diana (an Inspired Feng Shui Practitioner Training Student)


I wanted to let you know that we are able to buy this apartment thanks in part to you and your book. 3 years ago we moved to a rental unit with a fireplace in the prosperity corner. Within months both my husband and I were without jobs and wondering what’s going on! I re-read your book and filled up the fireplace with beads from Mardi Gras (purple/green/gold). Closed it up with a sheet of purple paper in a picture frame, hung a paining with water above and placed money tree & purple amethyst rock in the front. Although it looks very strange everything turned around and we were back on our feet…Actually, we are doing much better than we ever anticipated! We’re now moving out of this apartment into our new condo.

~ Inna


First I must say I was raised and still a devout Christian. My Dad was a Christian minister and my mother is a strong Christian woman. We kept our home very clean neat orderly and clutter free.(Up-bringing),so that part was a natural for me.  I give GOD ALMIGHTY THE PRAISE AND GLORY, for allowing and affording me the opportunity and guiding me to Karen’s book “Move Your Stuff and Change Your Life.”

I began reading the book on September 25th 2010 and finished in about a week. To me, feng shui is a reminder of how to keep my life in order, so that all manner of blessings will flow in my life from GOD. My parents and grandparents used to say “GOD DOES NOT DWELL OR, WILL NOT COME IN TO AN UNCLEAN HOUSE” (Well, feng shui is a strong reminder of that point!) Now, …moving on. On Monday October 18, 2010 my husband played the “Pick Three” here in North Carolina, and won $500.00 cash! And I received some very important documents detailing an inheritance matter in my family the same day Monday Oct 18th 2010, in the amount of over $4000.00!

This is after reading the book and moving a couple of things around in the prosperity section of my home. Look at what believing GOD and practicing a little feng shui (Putting my house in order, which is only a part of Feng Shui) has done for me and my family.

Oh!!! By the way, our 19-year-old son received a full time job offer the same week. Thank you Karen for writing this book, and I Give GOD THE GLORY AND PRAISE FOR THE BLESSINGS HE SENT WHEN THE FLOW WAS JUST RIGHT IN MY HOME.(FENG SHUI).POSITIVE CHI’ AND ORDER.

~ Deborah A. (North Carolina)


If you would like to share your success story with Karen, email her at info@karenrauchcarter.com