Are You Invoking or Inviting?

Invoking or Inviting that is the question!

How is YOUR year looking? Are you invoking a meaningful one for yourself?


In my book Make a Shift, Change Your Life, under the “Serve Your Spirit” section, I describe what I call The Intending and Invoking Server. I wanted to clarify the difference between begging, pleading, and inviting something to come your way versus invoking it towards you as this new year begins.


The word intend comes from the root word meaning “to stretch out” and “to plan.” The word invoke comes from the root words meaning “to give voice to” or “to call.” On the other hand completely, the word invite has its roots in the phrase “to seek.”


I have found that intending and invoking is much more powerful than inviting. Here’s how different the two might sound when intending to make the world a better place:





“I invoke the all-powerful energies to restore ecological harmony to the planet now!”





“(If you are listening), I invite all of you energies/ beings (out there somewhere) to come here right now and make the world a better place!”



The difference with invoking is in the assumption that the energies are there, “are listening,” and will by decree, complete the request. With inviting, it is as if you are not sure if there’s anyone listening at all let alone sure anything will change.


“Please heal her” is inviting, and “Be healed now!” or simply “HEAL!” is invoking, assuming that YOU WILL BE HEALED.


A more specific recipe for invoking is as follows:


  1. Stand or sit up straight, with your feet firmly planted on the ground. (Good physiology/posture and invoking are connected.)
  2. Tap the crown/top of your head to consciously “plug into” the universal energies.
  3. Get a solemn and clear picture in your mind of what you are intending. Then state it in words.
  4. With a commanding tone (as opposed to a begging or groveling one), state “I decree” or “I invoke” and then continue your intention. Avoid “inviting-type” beginnings like “I wish, I invite…”
  5. Feel the inner physical body shifts.
  6. Be in gratitude.

I hope this tid bit comes in handy as this new year begins!

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  • Tam Johnson January 11, 2017 at 8:19 am

    It’s the small, significant distinctions like this that I’ve found to be most powerful. Thanks Karen and wishing you the most auspicious and prosperous year yet!
    Big Hugs,