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ADHD in Adults

I just watched the Katie Show the other day where the topic was “Do You have ADD?” So I went to the doctor guest’s website and got his list of “traits” that might be tell-tale signs that you have ADD, […]

Mama never told me about things like this!

The Yin (Feminine) side of Relationships- Mama never told me about things like this! Hold onto your pants ladies — You are in for a ride as I tell you the tale of yin and yang and how it works […]

Getting Ready to Hit the Road for Some Consultations!

If you happen to need a little feng shui expertise, I’m available in the following cities: Palm Springs, CA: Friday, Sept 12, 2014 Orange County & San Diego, CA: October 10 & 11, 2014* Seattle, WA: October 23 Vancouver, B.C. […]

The Earth Element for the Skills and Knowledge Gua

I so thrilled that you are all out there soaking up as much feng shui information as you can – which I’m sure is making the world a better place one home at a time (my mission statement!) I will […]

What is your source of suffering?

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”  –Buddha  To alleviate suffering, it would be a great start to avoid ingesting the “5 poisons” of jealousy, ignorance, greed, pride, and attachment. These unhealthy emotions are the source of much suffering, even though […]

I’m taking my own advice!

We’re working on office spaces in the Move It Plus Program this month, so I thought I’d take a good look at MY office! For a while now, I’ve been feeling stagnant and non-productive in my office, so I knew I […]

Take this Job and Love it!

Which one are you? Someone who : Tolerates your work (how much resentment do you have daily?) Likes your work (but there are many things you’d rather be doing.) Has a passion for your work (the happiest and well-balanced of […]

Celebrate a New Season!

Spring has Sprung! Happy spring everyone in the Northern hemisphere! It’s time to clean up the mudroom, sweep off the front porch, and welcome the new energies of springtime into the home. Is there some spring cleaning that you could […]

To Microwave or Not Microwave. That is the Question!

To microwave, or not to microwave, that is the question. Little do most people know that you don’t need to actually turn on a microwave oven to be exposed to microwave radiation. Since the age of cell towers and wireless […]

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance…Oscar Wilde

I wanted to share a little note I received the other day in response to a recent email I sent out, as I think it demonstrates love in such a profound way… Hi Karen,  Although I cannot afford a consultation […]