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Attracting Love With Feng Shui

It’s almost here….that date…February 14th. For us here in the U.S. anyway, this date has so much energy around it, you can almost feel an electrical charge just saying it — because it’s good ol’ Valentine’s Day.  Now if you […]

Happy Chinese New Year

Woo-hoo! Happy New Year! Goodbye Snake and Hello Horse! For my personal astrology, I knew for years that this particular year was going to be quite the game-changer for me, so I couldn’t be happier that the Year of the […]

Are You Emerging Because of an Emergency?

Isn’t it interesting that the word “Emerge” is hidden inside the word emergency? Emerge is defined as “to rise or come into view” and “to appear, or come into existence.” And Emergency is defined as “an unexpected situation that requires […]

Clutter: The Saga Continues…

My assistant Sara had time to give us another update of what’s going on with her “move it” plans. Here’s the latest installment that demonstrates that decluttering and feng shuiing are not a one-time thing. Enjoy! It’s Sara here and […]

3 Ways to Get Unstuck in Life

I often see clients who don’t seem to be going anywhere in life simply because they are in a type of fear-based paralysis state over decision-making. They say, “If I could figure out what I want to do, I’d go […]

Redefining Clutter Today

This stuff no longer matches me…some of it never did. I think I’m pretty much done with shedding my skin as “the year of the snake” comes to a close, but the one thing I am still finishing is my […]

Making Good Boundaries and Getting Along with Family

After listening to many of my friends talk about their turbulent relationships with their parents, I consider myself very lucky. My mom and I get along very well and when my dad was alive, we got along great too. But […]

Preparing for Fall with Feng Shui – Keep the Invitation Open

A hint of fall is in the air, I can feel it. This is a time of transition between the bright, hot “yang-ness” of summer and the darker, cooler yin days of winter. I’ve got a pumpkin growing in the […]

Getting It Done With The Metal Element

Oh boy! What’s that saying again? Something like “It takes 20% of the time to do 80% of the work and 80% of the time to do the last 20%.” I’m not sure I got it right, but when it […]

Can a Hoarder be Helped with Feng Shui?

I recently had a consultation with a full-on hoarder, so I thought I’d share some ideas on this subject in case you aren’t sure if you are one, or in case you know someone who is but doesn’t know it. […]