Decorating…be patient and only allow things in your house that you LOVE!

Decorating…A lot of my friends are asking me how my new place is shaping up so I thought I’d share a little video I did all by myself on how I go about creating a home that reflects exactly who I am NOW (e-hem…an important word for all of you who are hanging onto the […]

Simple tips when building or remodeling a home

  Remodeling can be tough. Here are a few simple tips I like to recommend when building or remodeling a home.   1. Delineate spaces with flooring changes if the furniture has to float in a room. This is also effective if you have that front and back door alignment in your house to detract from […]

Connection Between Fertility and RF/EMF’s

My Facebook friend Misty O wrote me asking for my recommendations to increase fertility. I thought this was a great answer to share in a newsletter. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might benefit from it. There are three things that I see rather consistently with regard to infertility in my line […]

Running Away or Taking Action?

Someone asked me the other day if I thought I was running away from anything in California as I make my way to my new home in Florida. Hey – there’s no law that says I can’t ever come back! 🙂  But I am looking forward to a new adventure. I set up my life […]

Are You Invoking or Inviting?

Invoking or Inviting that is the question! How is YOUR year looking? Are you invoking a meaningful one for yourself?   In my book Make a Shift, Change Your Life, under the “Serve Your Spirit” section, I describe what I call The Intending and Invoking Server. I wanted to clarify the difference between begging, pleading, and […]

Clutter and Overwhelm Go Hand in Hand

Clutter and Overwhelm Go Hand in Hand. If you’ve got clutter in your surroundings, you’ve got overwhelm somewhere in your life – I’ll bet money on it.   You are a product of your environment. That’s just the way it is. What’s going on in your home and workplace is a direct correlation of what’s […]

Inspiration with Feng Shui

I’m not sure, maybe it’s because I’ve been in the throes of a type of spiritual “up-leveling,” or perhaps because I’m starting my next certification training, but the word INSPIRED is in my world so much lately, I thought I’d share a couple of things in hopes that the energy of inspiration spreads to you.   […]

Holiday Decor with feng shui

Happy Holidays Everyone!  I get these questions every year about holiday decor, so I thought I would share again 🙂 Now is the time of year when you can temporarily add all kinds of chi-enhancing things to your home and no one thinks a thing of it!  Need wood in the Family gua to have […]

Significance of Clocks in Feng Shui

Are you always out of time? Does life feel like it’s at a standstill? Got money problems? Does time fly? Can’t seem to ever get anywhere on time? Losing friends because they won’t put up with your flakiness? The significance of clocks is very important in feng shui   According to feng shui principles, what’s […]

Listen To The Words We Say

Listen to the Words We Say … How the Use of Language Can Provide Insight to What Our True Needs Are. One of the first things I do when I provide feng shui services is sit with the client and talk. We talk about what they want to change in their lives, what they feel […]