Holiday Decor with feng shui

Happy Holidays Everyone!  I get these questions every year about holiday decor, so I thought I would share again 🙂 Now is the time of year when you can temporarily add all kinds of chi-enhancing things to your home and no one thinks a thing of it!  Need wood in the Family gua to have […]

Significance of Clocks in Feng Shui

Are you always out of time? Does life feel like it’s at a standstill? Got money problems? Does time fly? Can’t seem to ever get anywhere on time? Losing friends because they won’t put up with your flakiness? The significance of clocks is very important in feng shui   According to feng shui principles, what’s […]

Listen To The Words We Say

Listen to the Words We Say … How the Use of Language Can Provide Insight to What Our True Needs Are. One of the first things I do when I provide feng shui services is sit with the client and talk. We talk about what they want to change in their lives, what they feel […]

Living The Dream

  Are you living the dream? Are you rapidly running away from or tactically taking action to love your future? Someone asked me the other day if I thought I was running away from anything in California as I make my way to my new home in Florida. Hey – there’s no law that says […]

“Mind” Your Business!

I had the pleasure last month of doing an interview with James Wedmore (Youtube Video Guru!) and Phoebe Mroczek on their new itunes podcast.  We had a great time talking (and laughing) about how to ‘Mind” your business with feng shui and get the most out of your career.  If you have a business, or […]

Learning From Others…Q & A’s

Learning from Others! I’ve had such a wonderful time this year with the people taking part in the “Move Your Stuff with Karen” program. We get on the phone two times a month and really dig into some interesting subjects! One call is totally Q and A-style, and I think everyone would agree, you learn […]

Can Life Turn to Crap after Feng Shuiing???

Can Life Turn to Crap after Feng Shuiing???   In a word – yes. At least for a bit.   When I help a client take feng shui action in order to bring about changes in their life, I also help them manage the meaning of the unexpected “negative” things that happen first. I usually […]

Roses are Red and Tulips are Too!

Roses are Red and Tulips are too! Being that it is the month of the Valentine, my assistant Paige and I decided to spice up the blog by videotaping it.  Of course, its full of tips for the Love and Relationship Gua! Click “continue reading”below to take a look! Enjoy! And don’t forget!!! On “leap […]

Living and Giving and Re-Tooling Myself!

Having spent several weeks traveling lately on what I call “life-changing” trips, I can assure you that right now, I have a true, visceral feeling of the difference between existing in life and LIVING. These travels have given me the desperately-needed perspective on the question of how I’m going to live as an empty-nester once […]

Feng Shui, Addiction, and the Power of Three

“All good things come in threes.” – Folk Saying Feng Shui, Addiction and the Power of Three- I had a client who was at her wits end with someone in her life that suffers from addiction. I was inspired to create a “3-Harmonies Cure” for her based upon the feng shui “Bagua” map and the […]