Career and Life Path

What Can I Do To Find A Job After I’ve Been Laid Off?

I often get questions about finding a job after being unexpectedly laid off. Well, without knowing ANYTHING about your home, the first thing that comes to my mind is – what happened in your environment before you were laid off? Was something changed that may have supported you getting laid off?  If you can think […]

Feng Shui has brought me more work than I can handle!

How much do you really know about Feng Shui? Do you apply it to your life? Have you seen results? My New Years Resolution this year is to give you more! More content, more answers, more of whatever you need having to do with feng shui and healthy, happy living. To start, I thought we […]

Feng Shui Your Desk

These are what items I most often consider and their importance with regard to desks and good, permanent full-time jobs. #1 Come to terms with the fact that you actually NEED a permanent desk. After hearing lots of complaints about jobs being unstead, I think “the laptop at Starbucks” method of doing work is correlated. […]

Front Door Feng Shui

It’s so simple of a concept, yet so many people miss the mark. According to feng shui principles, (and what I also think is common sense,) the easier it is for people to bring opportunities to your front door, the more you’ll have. So, how do you think THIS person is availing them selves to […]

Feng Shui Your Way into a New Job

Try using a “three harmonies” cure to summon the right job for you! In this case, you’ll use the traditional “map of feng shui” AKA the Bagua, to help manifest the new job. The Bagua Map First, get yourself in order to receive this job by enhancing Skills and Knowledge gua, which is the front, […]

Job Interview Tips with Feng Shui

My son is auditioning for an arts school this month, which reminded me to pull out the feng shui tips for job interviews. Here are some of my ideas to maximize success: 1. Employ the “helpful people box.” Place the name of the person you are interviewing with, the company name, and anyone else you […]

Improve Manifesting Odds for New Years Resolutions

Question: Do you have any tips for manifesting New Year’s Resolutions? Answer: Yes, I do! Do NOT just say it. Write it down! Make it real by dreaming about completing it and then WRITE it down on paper. My best advice is to write a story about what it’s going to be like once you […]

A Cheap Fix for the World Economy

According to environmental psychology and the timeless rules of feng shui, the more stable and well placed the desk, the more successful the person is who sits there. As a feng shui consultant for almost twenty years, I have noticed a “desk trend” that I believe may be one of the keys to reversing this […]

How Fast Can Feng Shui Work?

I’ve been fast and furiously feng shuiing my way through New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut this week and just have to share some of the great stories that I’ve got! On Tuesday, I went to three clients in a row in NYC….all single gals in one bedroom apartments. I took along Katie, one of […]

Which Door to Use for Feng Shui Purposes? – Q and A

Question: Some people in feng shui say to use the door that you most often enter your home into as the front door. That would make it my mudroom to garage door. Is this correct and should I align the bagua with this door? Answer: It wouldn’t be the way I would do it. You […]