Career and Life Path

A Cheap Fix for the World Economy

According to environmental psychology and the timeless rules of feng shui, the more stable and well placed the desk, the more successful the person is who sits there. As a feng shui consultant for almost twenty years, I have noticed […]

How Fast Can Feng Shui Work?

I’ve been fast and furiously feng shuiing my way through New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut this week and just have to share some of the great stories that I’ve got! On Tuesday, I went to three clients in a […]

Which Door to Use for Feng Shui Purposes? – Q and A

Question: Some people in feng shui say to use the door that you most often enter your home into as the front door. That would make it my mudroom to garage door. Is this correct and should I align the […]

Chronic Insomnia, New Careers, and Feng Shui Fixes

Question: My husband has chronic insomnia, related to job stress (really hates job). Aside from medical remedies, are there any cures that could help? (I already checked for arrow chi) Our bedroom is on the second floor in the career/life […]

Find Career Passion and Get into the Game – Feng Shui Q and A

QUESTION: Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for the perfect career opportunity? I feel like I am existing in the world and not really excelling at anything. And the funny thing is, I don’t know what I’d […]

How to Use Feng Shui to Get a Job

  QUESTION: I was recently laid off from a high-tech company. Can you give me any tips on improving my chances of finding a job?   ANSWER: Here is a quick list of ideas that may help the big picture… […]

Live The Optimist Creed – a Great Way to BE in the New Year

I went to the farmers market on Wednesday, and one of the vendors gave me a little slip of paper that he called “propaganda.”  Since I’ve been going to the farmers market for years, and I knew this guy could […]

7 Questions for Self Discovery

Happy New Year! Since many people use this annual event to self- reflect, I thought I’d offer up a quick list of questions that may provide some insight into where you might want to put your energy this year. 1. […]

Flowing with The Water Element

As I sit here in my Southern California office and watch what seems like the millionth day of solid rain come down outside, I thought – why not talk about the water element!Water is one of the 5 elements in […]

Feng Shui Your Chocolate

All candy is not alike – for sure! A friend of mine, Dr. Lew, sent me some delicious advice on what makes chocolate a health food, so I thought I’d share it along with my ideas on where to store […]