Creativity and Children

Connection Between Fertility and RF/EMF’s

My Facebook friend Misty O wrote me asking for my recommendations to increase fertility. I thought this was a great answer to share in a newsletter. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might benefit from it. There are three things that I see rather consistently with regard to infertility in my line […]

Have You Gone Feng Shui Color Crazy???

Color! Boy if I had a dime for every person who’s read my book and thought they needed to paint their house to look like a circus tent. My bad! I just wanted to write in color to help readers visualize their spaces more realistically.   On page 30 of my book Move Your Stuff, Change […]

Be the Change You Want to See in the New Year!

There’s a whole lotta change a comin’. But that should be no surprise. Every moment is different no matter how hard you try to deny it. And after a collection enough of “moments,” we proclaim it a NEW YEAR, and then do it all over again – usually with a few New Year’s resolutions announced.  […]

Using Feng Shui for “Your Agenda” VS “What’s Best” — It All Works Out in the End

Even though I’ve been doing this feng shui thing for a long time, I still find myself amazed at how miraculously things work themselves out when I “get out of the way.” It always seems to work out in the end — even if we set aside our “bull-dozing” efforts! Isn’t that a relief to […]

Feng Shui for your Child’s School Paper Overwhelm

I recently got asked this question by a frustrated mom: School’s out and I’m overwhelmed with all the stuff that is left over. Do you have any ideas on how to get a grip on all the paper that my kids bring home from school so I’m prepared this fall? It got ahead of me […]

A Sign of the Teen Times

It’s official! I’ve got a teenager! 🙂 I just saw this on his door and had to share. This is definitely a keeper picture for when he has kids, right? How cute! Ya just gotta love the many stages of life. As much as parents freak out when kids grow and “rebel,” this type of […]

Feng Shui the Kids to be More Mature – Or the Mom to See Kids in a New Light

I recently did a consultation where the client had two children that she felt still needed a lot of  directing even though they were girls and were 11 and 15. When I looked through the house, I noticed that there were MANY photographs of the girls as babies and small children, but none at the […]

What Happens When Feng Shui Creates Paranoia – Q and A

Question: Hi. I have the book, and have been using it extensively over the past few months with definite results. One thing I’ve learned is; not to do too much, too fast-because if something goes wrong, you’re not sure what you did. Last month I was rearranging my teenaged daughter’ s room one morning. I […]

The Wrong Color for a Part of the Bagua – Q and A

  Question: I just read your book and am now rethinking my decor ideas.  I was just getting ready to hang a red curtain in my guest bathroom that falls in the Creativity and Children Gua, and white blinds in a window in the Family Gua window. What would you say to this?   Answer: […]

Feng Shui Fixes for Children with Autism

Question : I’m desperate for any feng shui ideas regarding kids with autism. Can you help? My son has his own room, and I am willing to do anything to it to make all our lives better… as his autism affects the whole family greatly as he is very aggressive. Answer : Aggression is being […]