Creativity and Children

Using Feng Shui for “Your Agenda” VS “What’s Best” — It All Works Out in the End

Even though I’ve been doing this feng shui thing for a long time, I still find myself amazed at how miraculously things work themselves out when I “get out of the way.” It always seems to work out in the […]

Feng Shui for your Child’s School Paper Overwhelm

I recently got asked this question by a frustrated mom: School’s out and I’m overwhelmed with all the stuff that is left over. Do you have any ideas on how to get a grip on all the paper that my […]

A Sign of the Teen Times

It’s official! I’ve got a teenager! I just saw this on his door and had to share. This is definitely a keeper picture for when he has kids, right? How cute! Ya just gotta love the many stages of life. […]

Feng Shui the Kids to be More Mature – Or the Mom to See Kids in a New Light

I recently did a consultation where the client had two children that she felt still needed a lot of  directing even though they were girls and were 11 and 15. When I looked through the house, I noticed that there […]

What Happens When Feng Shui Creates Paranoia – Q and A

Question: Hi. I have the book, and have been using it extensively over the past few months with definite results. One thing I’ve learned is; not to do too much, too fast-because if something goes wrong, you’re not sure what […]

The Wrong Color for a Part of the Bagua – Q and A

  Question: I just read your book and am now rethinking my decor ideas.  I was just getting ready to hang a red curtain in my guest bathroom that falls in the Creativity and Children Gua, and white blinds in […]

Feng Shui Fixes for Children with Autism

Question : I’m desperate for any feng shui ideas regarding kids with autism. Can you help? My son has his own room, and I am willing to do anything to it to make all our lives better… as his autism […]

Feng Shui for Bed-Wetting Kids

Question: My son is 10 and still has a bed-wetting problem. Do you have any suggestions for me with this situation? I’m begging here. Answer: Bed-wetting is a cold condition affecting the water element. I would start with immediate changes […]

Valentine Schmalentine – Feng Shui Help for the “Down-in-the-Dumps”

QUESTION: I’m in a funk. I feel moody, unsure of my financial future, and quite frankly guilty about celebrating anything, let alone Valentine’s day….. Is there something I can do to my home to help me climb out of this […]

Feng Shui Your Chocolate

All candy is not alike – for sure! A friend of mine, Dr. Lew, sent me some delicious advice on what makes chocolate a health food, so I thought I’d share it along with my ideas on where to store […]