Green and Sustainable

To Microwave or Not Microwave. That is the Question!

To microwave, or not to microwave, that is the question. Little do most people know that you don’t need to actually turn on a microwave oven to be exposed to microwave radiation. Since the age of cell towers and wireless […]

Rebuilding After a Disaster with Feng Shui in Mind

With all the tornadoes flying around this past week, I thought I’d give those badly affected a little checklist to consider if they have to rebuild. In order to be brief, I’m going to assume you know a bit about […]

Are you Bugged by Feng Shui? Q and A

Question: I started applying feng shui to my 2 bed flat on Sunday. On Monday afternoon my lounge and kitchen was covered in over 4 dozen large, black, blue bottomed flies – freshly hatched. I cleaned up in disgust. On […]

Feng Shui for Health: Your Healthy and Eco-Friendly Challenge

One of my certification course students from Phoenix sent me over her healthy-home to-do list from her course homework. I thought was so good, I thought I’d blog about it. See if you can check them all off yourself! (And […]

Feng Shui Your Body: The Nitty Gritty of Processed Foods

I have a friend who has taken prescribed anti-depressants for years. It’s not working anymore, and she is already at the maximum dosage allowable. Her doctor says she’ll have to ween herself off (which may take about nine months to […]

Plants as a Cure – Here’s the Top Ten Air Cleaning Ones!

In light of the Japanese radiation leak situation, I’ve been seeing some news shows demonstrating how to seal yourself in a room to protect yourself against radiation particles. The downside is that they say after three hours, you have to […]

Breathe Easy: Top 10 Tips for Your Lungs

Feeling stiffled in life? Maybe its your indoor air quality! Let’s feng shui it with some tips from the American Lung Association, because, believe it or not, according to them, indoor air quality is more often than not more toxic […]

Birds, Bees….Now, Study Shows Negative Effects of Wi-Fi in Trees

OK, OK. I know… some of you are still wanting to hide your heads in the sand about all this Wi-Fi stuff — after all, it may mean contemplating reducing the time that little hand-held device is actually in your […]

Pie for Breakfast?

I just got back from my 6AM yoga class and thought I’d share what I was having for breakfast. I’m not one for a giant breakfast after yoga. I like to fill up slowly after a good stretch. So, for […]

If Everything Collapsed, What Would You Do?

My job as a feng shui and healthy lifestyle consultant is based upon being a keen observer of patterns. If you see X in the environment followed by Y happening in life over and over, you can start to predict […]