Outdoor Feng Shui

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Did you know that walking barefooted on the ground can have health benefits? Yep, turns out that since we’ve added synthetic shoes under our little hooves, we’ve done our body a disservice by breaking the connection between our bodies and the healing, grounding energies of mother earth. Our spirit or soul may be from another […]

Got Boundary Issues?

In my line of work I always have to search for the environmental equivalent of whatever problem my clients tell me they want to change. When it comes to boundary issues, besides looking at the obvious indoor things such as clutter with no clear place to be stored, I get a lot of mileage out […]

Preparing for Fall with Feng Shui – Keep the Invitation Open

A hint of fall is in the air, I can feel it. This is a time of transition between the bright, hot “yang-ness” of summer and the darker, cooler yin days of winter. I’ve got a pumpkin growing in the garden that’s looking to be a fine specimen jack-o-lantern decoration for my front porch. When […]

What does your house say about you?

OK. After looking at this picture, what kind of judgment did you make about the people who live there? Eccentric? Wacky? Fairytale/nursery rhyme lovers? So, by just taking a quick look at a home, you can very quickly come to some sort of snap conclusion about the people that live there, right? With that in […]

17 Shades of “Welcome” – What is Your Front Door Saying About You?

As the trick-or-treaters prepare their offense, you might want to counter attack by changing the  level of welcome at your place. Here’s my interpretation of what these houses are saying to the kids (and any other opportunity in life for that matter):                           […]

Rebuilding After a Disaster with Feng Shui in Mind

With all the tornadoes flying around this past week, I thought I’d give those badly affected a little checklist to consider if they have to rebuild. In order to be brief, I’m going to assume you know a bit about the feng shui that I practice or have read my book. I would highly recommend, […]

Is This “Color in the Landscape” a Good Thing?

Well, I’m not a personal fan, but when I was at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach the other day, I noticed a long line of people waiting to purchase something, and upon further investigation, it was this: colorful mushrooms! It could be that I’m a landscape architect and have been schooled to find anything […]

Which Door to Use for Feng Shui Purposes? – Q and A

Question: Some people in feng shui say to use the door that you most often enter your home into as the front door. That would make it my mudroom to garage door. Is this correct and should I align the bagua with this door? Answer: It wouldn’t be the way I would do it. You […]

Music is an Excellent Feng Shui Cure!

Recently, while strolling through the Plaza del Sol in Madrid, I came upon this feisty group of men jazzing it up as the pre-dinner strollers passed by. They engaged people to dance with them and took great pride in their ability to freely jam without boundaries. The festive atmosphere created not only from the community […]

Feng Shui Success Story: Dealing with “Sucky Neighbors” & Mirrors

“For the last several months, I have been dealing with a very troublesome noisy neighbor situation. I love my apartment, and in all the years I’ve lived here, I had never had a neighbor problem until last fall, when a couple of very social guys moved in next door. They immediately began to have noisy […]