Skills and Knowledge

The Earth Element for the Skills and Knowledge Gua

I so thrilled that you are all out there soaking up as much feng shui information as you can – which I’m sure is making the world a better place one home at a time (my mission statement!) I will […]

What is your source of suffering?

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”  –Buddha  To alleviate suffering, it would be a great start to avoid ingesting the “5 poisons” of jealousy, ignorance, greed, pride, and attachment. These unhealthy emotions are the source of much suffering, even though […]

To Microwave or Not Microwave. That is the Question!

To microwave, or not to microwave, that is the question. Little do most people know that you don’t need to actually turn on a microwave oven to be exposed to microwave radiation. Since the age of cell towers and wireless […]

Feeling Stuck? Answer these questions that support decision-making.

Many of my clients call me because they find themselves at a cross road in life. Maybe they just got divorced, are a new empty-nester, or have a job change. But sometimes, they are faced with the cross road event […]

Improve Manifesting Odds for New Years Resolutions

Question: Do you have any tips for manifesting New Year’s Resolutions? Answer: Yes, I do! Do NOT just say it. Write it down! Make it real by dreaming about completing it and then WRITE it down on paper. My best […]

Feng Shui Tips to WANT TO Want Something Else

I have noticed a new distinction in some of my recent consultations. Clients have been requesting that they want to want something other than what they want! I have had one client who wants to want to stay in her […]

How do Garages fit into the Bagua?

Question: How to garages play into the bagua? Mine is full of junk and appears to be taking up my whole skills and knowledge gua. My sister’s totally sticks out in the front of her house, and my dad’s house […]

Live The Optimist Creed – a Great Way to BE in the New Year

I went to the farmers market on Wednesday, and one of the vendors gave me a little slip of paper that he called “propaganda.”  Since I’ve been going to the farmers market for years, and I knew this guy could […]

Mountain Energy

I just returned from Canada and had to show off one of my photos from Banff. I’m standing just behind the awesome Banff Springs Hotel here where you can just sit, relax, and enjoy the view. Check out those mountains. […]

Skills and Knowledge /Returning to College Q and A

QUESTION: Lately, I’ve been feeling like I might like to go back to college and finish my degree. But something keeps holding me back. My wife says that the answer is probably in our Skills and Knowledge corner, which happens […]