The Bagua

Listen To The Words We Say

Listen to the Words We Say … How the Use of Language Can Provide Insight to What Our True Needs Are. One of the first things I do when I provide feng shui services is sit with the client and talk. We talk about what they want to change in their lives, what they feel […]

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance…Oscar Wilde

I wanted to share a little note I received the other day in response to a recent email I sent out, as I think it demonstrates love in such a profound way… Hi Karen,  Although I cannot afford a consultation with you right now, or to become a student of yours, I am just writing […]

Feng Shui Your Personal Health Inventory

Since many seem to take personal inventories this time of year, why not get specific and take a personal HEALTH inventory and work it the feng shui way. If you have any condition that seems to be inherited through your genes, review the Family Gua (half way back on the left based on where you […]

Rebuilding After a Disaster with Feng Shui in Mind

With all the tornadoes flying around this past week, I thought I’d give those badly affected a little checklist to consider if they have to rebuild. In order to be brief, I’m going to assume you know a bit about the feng shui that I practice or have read my book. I would highly recommend, […]

Feng Shui Your Way into a New Job

Try using a “three harmonies” cure to summon the right job for you! In this case, you’ll use the traditional “map of feng shui” AKA the Bagua, to help manifest the new job. The Bagua Map First, get yourself in order to receive this job by enhancing Skills and Knowledge gua, which is the front, […]

Using Dried Flowers in Feng Shui – Q and A

Question: I am confused regarding dried flowers/cut branches. I have several wreaths and branches. Should I remove all of them from my home? Is there any place in the home these are OK?   Answer: First of all, now that the holidays are here, I’d like to say that if you have some dried arrangement […]