Prosperity and Abundance

“Mind” Your Business!

I had the pleasure last month of doing an interview with James Wedmore (Youtube Video Guru!) and Phoebe Mroczek on their new itunes podcast.  We had a great time talking (and laughing) about how to ‘Mind” your business with feng shui and get the most out of your career.  If you have a business, or […]

What is your source of suffering?

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”  –Buddha  To alleviate suffering, it would be a great start to avoid ingesting the “5 poisons” of jealousy, ignorance, greed, pride, and attachment. These unhealthy emotions are the source of much suffering, even though many people would swear that it’s their mother-in-law, noisy neighbor, terrible teacher, or what have […]

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance…Oscar Wilde

I wanted to share a little note I received the other day in response to a recent email I sent out, as I think it demonstrates love in such a profound way… Hi Karen,  Although I cannot afford a consultation with you right now, or to become a student of yours, I am just writing […]

Attracting Love With Feng Shui

It’s almost here….that date…February 14th. For us here in the U.S. anyway, this date has so much energy around it, you can almost feel an electrical charge just saying it — because it’s good ol’ Valentine’s Day.  Now if you are in a happy and fulfilling relationship – it’s swell! But if not, this day […]

Success Story – Working with what you have!

“Karen, My mom gave me a copy of your book after she attended one of your seminars. I finished law school last year, but the first and 3rd semesters were financially straining. The first semester my student loans were declined due to a couple of “derogatory” remarks on my credit report.  I had no money, […]

Give Money Away So You Can Have More

It’s tax time in the U.S. and people are e-mailing me a plenty about getting more cash! So, here are my most current ideas on abundance. I do have to say, the old “give to receive” plan is a good one. I have been tithing for quite some time now, and never before have I […]

Feng Shui has brought me more work than I can handle!

How much do you really know about Feng Shui? Do you apply it to your life? Have you seen results? My New Years Resolution this year is to give you more! More content, more answers, more of whatever you need having to do with feng shui and healthy, happy living. To start, I thought we […]

COLORADO FIRES – Tragedy or Triumph?

Since I was just in Colorado, and there are fires going on there, I thought I’d talk a bit about that. The fires that raged through Colorado certainly give those who live here an up close and personal look at the interplay of the five elements and how quickly things change when one element dominates […]

Job Interview Tips with Feng Shui

My son is auditioning for an arts school this month, which reminded me to pull out the feng shui tips for job interviews. Here are some of my ideas to maximize success: 1. Employ the “helpful people box.” Place the name of the person you are interviewing with, the company name, and anyone else you […]

You Can Start Small When DeCluttering

First of all, I wanted to say that this entire blog post took me less than 5 minutes to do…most of the time was dedicated to technology issues. I wanted to see how fast I could make a difference in my house from a decluttering standpoint…so one quick trip to the kitchen was all I […]