Connection Between Fertility and RF/EMF’s

My Facebook friend Misty O wrote me asking for my recommendations to increase fertility. I thought this was a great answer to share in a newsletter. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might benefit from it.

There are three things that I see rather consistently with regard to infertility in my line of work. #1. Chronic or over-exposure to RF and EMF and #2. A mindset of not “deserving,” and of course #3. Classic bagua problems.






#1. EMF and RF exposure

I’ve been doing what I do for around 25 years now, and having watched the amount of technological changes in homes over that time, I can say that it is my observation that chronic over exposure to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies from electrically-powered items from things like plug-in beds and heating pads, blankets and chairs, etc.) and RF (radio frequencies from wireless devices) is a factor in infertility (among other things like stiff joints, arthritis, MS, etc.) But let’s stick with infertility for this conversation.

I have asked many of my multiple-miscarrying and otherwise “infertile” clients over the years make ONLY RF and EMF-mitigating changes in their environments so that we can see if this one X-factor makes a difference. In almost all cases, it did. I usually tell my clients “Guess what? Cell phones don’t work by magic…they work because of radio frequencies (RF) – which is a type of radiation. Let’s work to reduce your exposure to RF and see what we get.”


Here’s a list of simple steps to take that I say to my clients:

Steps you can take to immediately reduce your radiation exposure:

  • Use a landline if possible. That is a phone hooked up to a cord. (A cordless phone that sits in a little cradle to charge is like having a mini cell tower in your house – just say no!) I will let you in on a little secret: My office is a landline. I wouldn’t have it any other way and life rolls along for me just fine. I make lots of very long calls so it would be horrible to me to use a cell phone for this. If you HAVE TO use a cell phone, text, use an air tube headset or speaker — and keep the calls short!
  • Do not store cordless or cell phones near your body. The fields around these drop off exponentially so every inch makes a big difference!
  • Look for low–radiation emitting cell phones
  • Don’t put the cell phone to your ear until a call connects as it is pushing out stronger frequencies until then.
  • Do not ever sleep with your cell phone on in the house
  • Avoid using the phone when signal level is weak. The less bars, the stronger the energy pulse to find and connect to a tower.
  • Don’t put the laptop or tablet on your lap
  • Use a remote keyboard and mouse rather than using the one on the laptop
  • Put wireless routers in a little-used room, never in the bedroom (or turn it off altogether at night)
  • Preferably connect to the internet with an Ethernet cord, not a wireless router and disable your computer’s wireless connection
  • When you use your laptop, have it unplugged and in battery mode as often as possible
  • Avoid wireless baby monitors
  • Use a meter to check for unseen sources
  • Consider investing in some form of radiation protection
  • And finally, throw out your microwave oven!

Here’s a link to find some RF shielding items that I recommend: Click Here


#2. For some reason, another issue that I find hampering conception is a mindset issue.

Usually it is about not “deserving” to have a baby. If you haven’t heard, the mind-body connection is real. Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) speaks to how “perception” directly impacts the workings of cells.  I stumbled upon this fertility issue over and over with the desperate-to-get-pregnant women, when asked three simple questions, failed at the third question rather consistently.



“Is it possible for you to conceive, carry full term, and give birth to a healthy baby now?”

“Are you capable of conceiving, carrying full term, and give birth to a healthy baby now?”

“Do you deserve to conceive, carry full term, and give birth to a healthy baby now?”


If you can’t honestly and enthusiastically say “YES!” to these questions you’ve got something working against you at the subconscious level. I do mindset re-patterning sessions with folks, however, if you want to start chipping away on this yourself, have three friends stand around you and put their hand on you (energy transfer) and each one take the questions above and turn them into statements (“It is possible for you to conceive, carry,…now.” “You are capable of conceiving, carrying full term etc.….now” and “You deserve to conceive, carry, etc….now.” Tell them to say it over and over until they think you got their particular sentence. Some might go longer than others. It will sound confusing with all of them talking at the same time (confusion helps to slip thing into the subconscious!) but if done well, you will be able to say the three statements afterwards feeling like they are totally or at least more truthful to you.

It’s a start to challenge that false belief (or perhaps you have fully removed it!)  Here is the link to my mindset coaching if you still need it: Click Here

#3 The last fertility issue connection I want to talk about it with the Creativity and Children and Skills and Knowledge Guas.

Most people know that the Creativity and Children Gua half way back on the right is the gua to check out if you have issues with “children,” however many don’t know that the opposite pair energy to this gua is Skills and Knowledge over in the front left-hand part of a room or home. Check both of these areas for anything that might be mimicking your infertility issue. Broken eggs, dead plants, old seeds, pictures of dried flowers, dead animals, “disasters” or even things that are moving too fast like a flood or fast-moving waterfall, etc. The Creativity gua is Lake energy – still and deep, and the Skills and Knowledge gua is the Mountain – still and immoveable. Think about what it NOT like that and see if you can get those two guas more aligned with the deep and still energy.


Of course, if you’d like me to check out your “stuff,” feel free to join my Move it with Karen Group Program Click Here or do a one-on-one telephone consultation with me by clicking here: Click Here


I have gotten lots of baby announcements where doctors were scratching their heads on how it was possible, so feel free to try these changes and see what outcome you get. 🙂


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  • Mary June 10, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    Dear Karen,
    I also have a question about “child” problems…sort of.
    In my case it’s my business “baby” which just isn’t taking off.

    On the one hand I read your books over and over again and finding my career bagua (kitchen/bath) filled with all shades of hideous browns and earthy tones, it seems logical enough that I should paint the area more “watery” colors. So far, so good.

    Whenever I look up feng shui tips for a bathroom, though, everybody and their mother tells me, for God’s sake no more water, there’s plenty of it in the bathroom already!

    So which of those is more important? I do slightly tend towards the former, but the latter keeps popping up and is starting to confuse me a good deal…
    Thank you very much in advance!
    Best wishes

    • Karen June 15, 2017 at 3:38 pm

      The best answer I can give is to assess what is going on in your life and then decide if it is too much. That would be the BEST way to decide. If it is not taking off, then I’d do some cure to create that…which might be stopping chi from going down the drain, etc…red around outgoing pipes etc…Sounds to me like UP STUFF is needed – as in fire element?