“Feng Shui Your Mindset” Telephone Coaching Series

This unbelievably quick and powerful telephone coaching series is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck or limited in life, or seem to live the same problem in life over and over.
  • Feel that there is a lack of integrity with your actions (“A part of me wants to lose weight and get fit, and a part of me wants to sit on the couch and eat bonbons.”)
  • Feel you are sabotaging yourself.
  • Have negative conversations repeating themselves in your head. (“I’m too fat, old, blah, blah,” or “I’m not good, smart, rich, blah, blah enough.”)
  • Have behaviors that you wish you didn’t.
  • Find yourself in an un-resourceful emotion or state (fear, anger, sadness, grief, hurt, etc.) and feel/think it is keeping you from living in joy, peace, and balance.
  • Looking for a relationship, of have relationship challenges/issues.

Sometimes Karen has clients who are extremely stuck in life. They say things like “As much as I’d like to believe it, I really don’t believe this feng shui stuff is going to help me __________.” When she hears this, or some other un-resourceful statement, (“I’m too old, fat, tired blah, blah…to __________ .”) she sometimes feels it is quicker to “feng shui their mindsets” to get them to their new life. Or at a minimum, it is good to do before a traditional feng shui consultation takes place, so the client will actually see the opportunity when it presents itself.

The techniques used in this consultation are a hybrid of several modalities melded into a cohesive “breakthrough session” experience that are extremely powerful – oftentimes helping a client overcome their negative habituated thinking and behaviors in less than 4 hours.

During your sessions, Karen takes your biggest challenge in life and releases you from any stuck, negative mindsets holding you back. You will literally see and experience your life in a whole new way — a way that has more options… a way that doesn’t repeat the same old go-nowhere patterns. You will feel the freedom to live your life in a new healthy and productive way. This process occurs over two consecutive days, and consists of one phone session each day lasting approximately 1.5 to 3 hours. It is rare that a third phone session is necessary, but if she feels that another session is needed, it is included. Contact our office at (714)486-0752 if you have any questions regarding this coaching program.

Client Testimonials:


Dear Karen, Just wanted to let you know I am feeling wonderful. You have worked magic on me. I finally see what I have done to push people away – both in my personal life and at work. The anger, pain, and sadness played such a huge part in every area of my life. Having released these emotions (and understand what to do when they come back), I will be much more understanding of people’s situation and emotions. Now I feel I am a valuable person with so much to give. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!

-Ginger L.

(The problem that brought her to me: “I can’t control the eating to feel comfortable talking to people.”)


Dear Karen,

Thank you. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and am in shock how great being well feels. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Warmest, Heidi

(The problem that brought her to me: “I’m too fatigued to do anything.”)