Feng Shui Consultation

How can a feng shui consultation benefit you?

If there is something going on in your life that you wish to change, there is a corresponding environmental adjustment or a series of adjustments that can be made to bring about change. Health, career, relationships, financial issues, support with the kids — you name it — its all on the table of possibilities to improve. All of life circumstances fall under the feng shui umbrella of possibilities so there is no limit to what you can improve with the use of feng shui!


What happens during a feng shui consultation?

During this one-on-one session, I come to to your home or office to give you my best solutions for upgrading your life using powerful feng shui strategies. I will start the consultation with a conversation to clarify exactly what you want to change. Then, both of us will walk through your spaces while I point out the environmental changes that you can make to support what you want to have happen.  Sometimes we will literally move things around in your spaces and/or sometimes we will simply create a list of things for you to do at a later date. I will make sure you have a clear prioritized list of to-do’s by the end of the consultation, as well as any additional resources that might further support you during this time of transformation.

Don’t worry, you will have my support while you make the changes.You’ll also have access to me to discuss your to do list. You’ll also be able to describe what has changed, so I can fine tune things or take it up another level if needed – that’s all included!

I will also perform space clearing, traditional ground blessing rituals, and can teach you de-cluttering strategies if needed.

* Also included is a healthy-home check for electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and anything else that stands out as health-depleting in your environment and make suggestions on how to limit exposure to these invisible yet potentially harmful fields.

If you’ve never worked with a feng shui consultant before, you’re in for an eye-opening and life-upgrading experience!


Scheduling & Investment for this Consultation

Until June 30, 2016 I am in southern California and am available to schedule consultations any time. If you live in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, or Riverside counties and want to schedule a consultation with me you can purchase your consultation here and you will be contacted to find a time that works for you both. Starting July 1, 2016, I will be living in South Florida, and will be available for consultations any time from Orlando to Key West and just about anywhere between. 🙂


$897 Full Pay or 2 Payments of $448.50- 2nd Payment due at time of consultation
( $100 non-refundable fee for all travel consultations)



If you are outside the area, please contact my team at the info below and we’ll contact you to see if I  can accommodate your request. Pricing for consultations outside my area are still $897 if I have a local event.  Otherwise I will travel but the fee is the $897 plus travel expenses.  (If enough people sign up in one area, I may be able to plan an event so that you will not have to pay for the travel expenses)


To request an in person consultation email support@karenrauchcarter.com or call at 714-486-0752 to check my current schedule and make the proper arrangements.

Client Testimonials:

Greetings from Temecula, California, where we are growing avocados successfully, thanks to you and your keen Feng Shui advice! In the state of California, the average avocado grove yields about 2,500 pounds of avocados per acre. This year we yielded 9,000 pounds per acre! Nearly four time the state average! We are blessed to know a feng shui consultant like you!
– Robert O.


I wanted to let you know that, after your visit to feng shui our condo for the purpose of selling it, it sold to the first buyer to see it.  It sold for $21,000 over the listing price. And now armed with my feng shui knowledge after you left, I decided to do my own thing to get a much needed electrician. I put a poster on my living room wall with intentions of finding one, and literally within ten minutes an electrician (that later on proved he was a good one!) put his business card through my front door letterbox! Who knew things could happen so quickly!
– Carol A.


I love it! I love my living room since you helped me “work it over” feng shui-style! I can’t get myself to leave the room now! Thank you so much!

-Kit C.


After your visit to feng shui our condo for the purpose of selling it, it sold to the first buyer to see it. It sold for $21,000 over the listing price!

–Sue R.


This consultation really did so much for me, and I learned so much, much more than I did in the whole book!

– Arden P.