Creativity and Children

This position of the home  is about limitless thinking. You know, like when you were a kid and thought anything was possible. It’s also about anything to do with the kids. So, to help you get back to that frame of mind, you can make sure the proper enhancements are in this right-hand,  midway back part of your home. Come on, get creative!

Some situations when you would enhance the Creativity and Children gua are:

Feng Shui and Creativity

Feng Shui and CreativitySome situations when you would enhance the Creativity and Children Gua:

  • When there is any trouble with your children.
  • If you want to have children.
  • When you feel the need for more creativity in life.
  • If you are on a career path that requires constant creativity.
  • When you want to feel younger.

This gua can also help with any “children” troubles, such as sibling rivalry, poor communication with parents, or even infertility or trying to adopt children. Choose an appropriate symbol to place in your creativity and children gua to activate good energy for this part of your life. For example, if you are having trouble getting pregnant, you can consciously place a symbolin this gua to represent and hold your desire to have a child. It doesn’t have to be complicated to work. It may be just as simple as placing a little metal rattle or mobile in the space to do the trick!

  • Best Color Choice: White
  • Other Good Color Choices: Yellow and Earth Tones
  • Best Element: Metal
  • Other Good Element Choice: Earth

More detailed information on feng shui’s role in creativity and children can be found in my book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life!