Family and Ancestors

The Family gua is all about your ancestry, your lineage, your relationships with family members, and really, the very foundation from which you grew. This gua is located in the left-hand, mid way back portion of your home. Sometimes it is easier to keep past memories and events tucked away, but hidden or not, they are still a part of who you are today. When this gua is properly feng shui’d, you are free to fully express who you really are. You also find it uncommonly easy to get along with family members as well as in life, because you have the self-confidence and courage to venture out beyond where others would stop. You have a secure foundation to build upon. And with a strong foundation, your life is much more stable. Some situations when you would enhance the Family Gua:

  • When you want to improve family relationships.
  • When you want to be treated like part of the family even if you are not blood-related.
  • When you want to feel more secure in life.
  • When you are worried about just paying the basic bills to survive.
  • When you want to improve your sex life.
  • When you want to heal a past situation.
Feng Shui and Family, Friends and Foundation

Feng Shui and Family, Friends and Foundation

Setting up enhancements for the Family gua is usually an easy one. Since wood is the element, you can simply place photos of friends and family in wooden frames in a display that pleases you. Not everyone needs to be a blood relative either. This gua helps you be treated as one of the family in many situations – blood related or not. Imagine for a second, if every political leader had pictures of themselves shaking hands with every other political leader – placed in their family gua. I’d think it would be a lot harder to start a war with a leader you think of as family. The Family area of my living room is one of my favorite places in my house. I placed pictures of friends and family in an assortment of wooden frames and put them on top of a foyer table. And above the table I hung a huge framed mirror. That means I have the element of wood AND the element of water (mirrors equal water in feng shui) – both great elements for the family gua!

  • Best Color Choice: Green
  • Other Good Color Choices: Black and Blue
  • Best Element Choice: Wood
  • Other Good Element Choice: Water

More detailed information on feng shui’s role in family, friends and foundation can be found in my book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life!