This part of the home is not officially a gua, but more the center of the bagua. You can use this space in your home to enhance your health, as well as any other situation in life that you feel does not fit into one of the other eight guas.

Feng Shui and Health

Feng Shui and Health

Some situations when you would enhance the Health, or central, area of the home:

  • When you are sick, or want overall better health.
  • When you want to feel more balanced, centered, or serene in life.
  • When you have a situation that needs improvement, and you don’t think fits in any of the other guas.

The center is a very special place. It is the heart of the home or room. It is the only piece of the bagua that touches all of the other guas. So, if this part is out of balance, it can easily affect all the other areas of life. Just think about it. If you have to spend a lot of time working on your health, you have less time to spend on the other eight areas of life. And sometimes, because of this, your work suffers, your relationships struggle and a lot of other facets of your life are less than optimal. So, by enhancing this space and making sure it is in shape, you can ward off future downward turns of ill health as well as turn around existing poor conditions.

The element for this area is earth. So, you can place either the actual element here, like say, a living, healthy plant in potting soil and in a ceramic pot, or a symbol of it, like a painting of a mountain range. You can also add the element that makes earth according to the element’s creative cycle — in this case — fire. Go ahead and add a few red or yellow candles on a centrally located table with the intention that these candles keep you in perfect health.

I have a stone tabletop with candles on it in my health part of the living room. And as season’s come and go, I place a potted flower on the table as well (winter – red poinsettia, spring – yellow narcissus, summer – a green house plant, and fall – yellow mums). This keeps the ch’i fresh, healthy, and happy all year around.

  • Best Color Choice: Yellow
  • Other Good Color Choices: Brown and Orange
  • Best Element Choice: Earth
  • Other Good Element Choice: Fire

More detailed information can be found in my book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life!