Relationships and Love

Ah, one of my favorite guas to work on — relationships and love! The right-rear portion of your home is where the Relationship and Love gua is located. It is in charge of making sure your relationships with people are in tip-top shape. So, if you are looking for a one-on-one relationship, or looking to make an existing relationship better, then head for this part of your home and get to work!

Feng Shui and Relationships and Love

Feng Shui and Relationships and LoveSome situations when you would enhance the Relationships and Love Gua:

  • When you are looking for love.
  • When you want to make life less of a struggle between you and another person.
  • When you want to be friends with someone that you know, but they don’t you even know you exist.
  • When you are thinking of getting married.
  • When you want to put the sizzle back into a stale relationship.

Some of my favorite symbols for this gua are pairs of things, and items with hearts and the word “love” on them, but feel free to decorate in the most meaningful way to you. Some of the consistent things I see in single people’s homes are pictures that have only one subject within the frame, like a single female, a single boat, or a single flower. And I’m here to say “Don’t do it! Don’t surround yourself with single stuff if you don’t want to keep reinforcing your singlehood!” Although this area of the home is usually associated with intimate, love relationships, it can also be used for non-intimate relationships like say, relationships with your clients, boss, vendors, peers and teachers at school, and even relationships with religious figures or entities.

  • Best Color Choice:Pink
  • Other Good Color Choices: Red, White, and Earth Tones
  • Good Element Choices: Earth and Fire

More detailed information about feng shui’s impact on relationships and love can be found in my book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life!