Prosperity and Abundance

Feng Shui’s Role in Your Prosperity

Feng Shui’s Role in Your Prosperity

If it’s money you want, then it’s money you’ll get if you power up the prosperity gua of your home or office. You’ll find that this left-rear portion of your living space controls not only your ability to make and hold on to money, but it affects the way you actually perceive abundance.

As you know, one person can feel rich, and another person can feel poor holding the same amount of money. Often it’s our perceptions that we want to change as much as anything. A person who is grateful and appreciative is so much more fun to be around than an old grouch who “sees the cup as half empty.” And the ch’i, or invisible energy of feng shui, knows this as well. Therefore, the person who is appreciative will have more ch’i hanging around them, which will actually attract more abundance to them. Some situations when you would enhance the Prosperity Gua:

  • When you need more money for something specific.
  • When you feel like “having it all” is eluding you.
  • When you make OK money, but it seems to go out as fast as it comes in.
  • When you want to find inner peace with what you do have.

If you can understand this concept of “like attracts like,” then you will easily understand how to attract more abundance into your life. If you place an item or symbol of what you perceive as “the epitome of abundance” in this part of your home, then you will be placing a physical reminder or your intention to have abundance in your life. Even if you can’t decide what that symbol is, you can start the process by taking the time to clean up and organize everything in this space. This will invite fresh and invigorated ch’i to move in and start the process. I have personally created a small “sacred space” in this area of my home, which happens to be my office (a great gua for a home office!) It’s fun to create little altars for holding intentions. I have strategically placed a calligraphy given to me by feng shui Master Lin Yun, as well as some other items (like money, amethyst, etc.). And on my desk I have a dollar sign paperweight in the prosperity corner (yes, you can feng shui your desk too! Just use the part of your desk in front of where you sit as the career gua and go from there!) Outside in the prosperity area of my yard, I have a fountain trickling all day long inviting prosperity into my life. (You can feng shui it by overlaying the bagua in the same manner you would a home. Use the driveway or sidewalk that enters the property as the side to place the Career side of the bagua.) With these few enhancements, I have seen so many opportunities for abundance come my way.

  • Best Color Choice: Purple
  • Other Good Color Choices: Red, Green and Gold
  • Good Element Choices: Wood and Water

More detailed information about feng shui’s role in your prosperity can be found in my book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life!