Space Clearing

The house is living energy. A house can also hold thought and feeling energies from the people who lived there or the people who built it. This is called predecessor chi, or predecessor energies. Sometimes this chi is helpful, and sometimes it is not, so it’s good to know what kind of energy was in place before you arrived.

If you live in a home who’s previous tenants were happy, healthy, and successful, you might not want to chase this type of chi out. You would just move in and live within that vibe in hopes that the house gives you the same outcome. On the other hand, if you knew that something negative happened in that household like a divorce, bankruptcy, illness, or death, you might reconsider buying or moving into that home because of the icky chi. (I liken moving into a previously occupied home to getting into someone else’s dirty bath water.)

Here’s a few simple techniques that do a bang-up job of eliminating negative or weak energy from living spaces, (Feel free to use this method anytime – even long after you’ve moved in, especially after something that you perceive as negative occurs in your home — a death, an illness, a bitter argument, a robbery, an abusive crime. Other times when you might wish to do a space clearing are after remodeling, de-cluttering, before you sell your home, or on the occasion of a milestone event such as a birthday or New Year’s “Out with the old and in with the new!” ) You can perform this ritual in the center of the home, or in each room – whatever feels appropriate to do – feel free to tap in and use your intuition here.


The Salt Burn Space Clearing Technique

There are several ways to clear a space of “unlucky” energies. One way is using sound vibration. You can clap our hands, play classical music, ring a bell or singing bowl, or beat a drum with the intention of knocking out negative chi. Some people can even use their voices to mitigate negative chi by singing or chanting their favorite mantras. (Mantras are sacred words or divine sounds with the power to purify and protect the person who repeats them.) Other cleansing rituals make use of items such as citrus, sage, incense, or essential oils. I usually ring my Tibetan bell during consultations when it’s just “a typical space clearing job,” to change the vibe in a client’s home.

But if I need a little extra punch, I use my favorite ritual – burning salt. Salt is nature’s great negative energy absorber and healer. And burning it is a powerful space-clearer. Give it a try and see if you can feel a difference!

You need: one fireproof container (like a ceramic coffee mug that you are willing to throw away,) a fire-safe place to set the mug, (I often place the mug in a skillet or pan,) some Epsom or sea salts, (Mortons will do in a pinch) an unopened bottle of high-alcohol-content alcohol (as opposed to rubbing alcohol which often does not have a high enough percentage of alcohol to actually burn. I use Bacardi 151 rum.) and matches.

Clear your mind from all thoughts other than intentions of clearing negative energies from the space.

Place the coffee mug on a brick, the fireplace hearth, or even place it in a shallow pan of water for fire-safety.

Fill your palm with the salt and pour the salt in the mug – do this three times.

Open the alcohol and pour in just enough to cover the salt.

Light a match and drop it in the mixture.

While the mixture is lit, visualize any negative, sluggish, or inappropriate energies entering the fire and being transformed into positive energy, or simply being removed from the space. You may also wish to repeat a mantra, say a prayer, or hold an intention in your mind.

When the salt burns out, let the mug cool a bit, and remove it from the home. I usually chip out the salt and flush it down the toilet to recycle my mug for another time or you can simply throw the mug and the burned salt in the trash.

Can you feel any difference? Practice feeling energy by making a conscious note of how the space feels before and after the ritual.