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A Win Win for Clutter Bugs

A Win Win for Clutter Bugs and the Community! Hi folks! Boy have I got a great tip today – especially for those of you who feel bogged down by your clutter or even the “who-knows-what” that you have locked […]

Change is in the air!

The days are definitely getting shorter, and finally, the southern California weather where I live is starting to get a bit cooler, which means — FALL is here! I don’t know about you, but autumn is the time when I […]

Feng Shui Tips for Sanity with Holiday Prep

1. If you don’t have one already, create a little quiet space to refresh yourself and keep your sanity. It could be a whole room or it could be the space under the stairs. Use this space for organizing upcoming […]

ADHD in Adults

I just watched the Katie Show the other day where the topic was “Do You have ADD?” So I went to the doctor guest’s website and got his list of “traits” that might be tell-tale signs that you have ADD, […]

Mama never told me about things like this!

The Yin (Feminine) side of Relationships- Mama never told me about things like this! Hold onto your pants ladies — You are in for a ride as I tell you the tale of yin and yang and how it works […]

Getting Ready to Hit the Road for Some Consultations!

If you happen to need a little feng shui expertise, I’m available in the following cities: Palm Springs, CA: Friday, Sept 12, 2014 Orange County & San Diego, CA: October 10 & 11, 2014* Seattle, WA: October 23 Vancouver, B.C. […]

The Earth Element for the Skills and Knowledge Gua

I so thrilled that you are all out there soaking up as much feng shui information as you can – which I’m sure is making the world a better place one home at a time (my mission statement!) I will […]

What is your source of suffering?

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”  –Buddha  To alleviate suffering, it would be a great start to avoid ingesting the “5 poisons” of jealousy, ignorance, greed, pride, and attachment. These unhealthy emotions are the source of much suffering, even though […]

I’m taking my own advice!

We’re working on office spaces in the Move It Plus Program this month, so I thought I’d take a good look at MY office! For a while now, I’ve been feeling stagnant and non-productive in my office, so I knew I […]

Take this Job and Love it!

Which one are you? Someone who : Tolerates your work (how much resentment do you have daily?) Likes your work (but there are many things you’d rather be doing.) Has a passion for your work (the happiest and well-balanced of […]