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“Mind” Your Business!

I had the pleasure last month of doing an interview with James Wedmore (Youtube Video Guru!) and Phoebe Mroczek on their new itunes podcast.  We had a great time talking (and laughing) about how to ‘Mind” your business with feng shui and get the most out of your career.  If you have a business, or […]

Learning From Others…Q & A’s

Learning from Others! I’ve had such a wonderful time this year with the people taking part in the “Move Your Stuff with Karen” program. We get on the phone two times a month and really dig into some interesting subjects! One call is totally Q and A-style, and I think everyone would agree, you learn […]

Can Life Turn to Crap after Feng Shuiing???

Can Life Turn to Crap after Feng Shuiing???   In a word – yes. At least for a bit.   When I help a client take feng shui action in order to bring about changes in their life, I also help them manage the meaning of the unexpected “negative” things that happen first. I usually […]

Roses are Red and Tulips are Too!

Roses are Red and Tulips are too! Being that it is the month of the Valentine, my assistant Paige and I decided to spice up the blog by videotaping it.  Of course, its full of tips for the Love and Relationship Gua! Click “continue reading”below to take a look! Enjoy! And don’t forget!!! On “leap […]

Living and Giving and Re-Tooling Myself!

Having spent several weeks traveling lately on what I call “life-changing” trips, I can assure you that right now, I have a true, visceral feeling of the difference between existing in life and LIVING. These travels have given me the desperately-needed perspective on the question of how I’m going to live as an empty-nester once […]

Feng Shui, Addiction, and the Power of Three

“All good things come in threes.” – Folk Saying Feng Shui, Addiction and the Power of Three- I had a client who was at her wits end with someone in her life that suffers from addiction. I was inspired to create a “3-Harmonies Cure” for her based upon the feng shui “Bagua” map and the […]

The Value of Career Cross Training-Get Certified!

The Value of Career Cross Training-Get Certified! Are there hints of a feng shui consultant in you even if you have another job? When I was a kid, if someone was paying attention, they would have seen my future pretty clearly laid out.  I played an “interior decorator” when my friends were playing dolls. I would go around to each “house” and rearrange the cardboard pretend furniture boxes […]

Giving Thanks to The Helpful People In Your Life!

Wow, it’s November. There’s no denying we’re fully into fall! This time of year is associated with the metal element – where the vibration of energy starts to return in towards itself It is a time inward focus … taking stock of where we’ve been recently, and preparing for our growth from within. I always […]

Feng Shui Success Story

“Skeptic that I am, I never thought the feng shui would work at all, let alone so fast! I concentrated on two areas to start -Love and Relationships, and Prosperity. I tried not to overdo it, but I ended up buying a new purple bedspread (prosperity is in my bedroom) and got a pink thing […]

Early Autumn/Late Autumn Gua’s

If you were to superimpose times of year onto the bagua, you would get the following: Spring – Family gua (wood) Early Summer – Prosperity Gua (wood) Mid-Summer – Fame and Reputation Gua (fire) Early Autumn – Relationship Gua (earth) Late Autumn – Creativity and Children Gua (metal) Early Winter – Helpful People Gua (metal) […]