Have You Gone Feng Shui Color Crazy???

Color! Boy if I had a dime for every person who’s read my book and thought they needed to paint their house to look like a circus tent. My bad! I just wanted to write in color to help readers visualize their spaces more realistically.


On page 30 of my book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, I describe how color is one of the ninetraditional cures that can be used according to the Black Hat style of feng shui. That means there are MANY more ways to enhance a room than simply color. There is no need to paint your kitchen black or your son’s room pink just because those rooms fall into the part the bagua that prefers those colors.


If a particular color doesn’t function well for wall color in that space, trust me, you’ve got eight other traditional ways to energetically uplift a space.


They are living objects like plants, moving objects like fans and clocks, sound like a chime or music, light like, well – a light, (coincidentally, light is a combination of all the colors of the spectrum!) weighted or still objects like a stone or heavy sculpture, symbolic objects like a little treasure chest symbolizing wealth, electrically-powered object like a TV, and lastly, other – which would be something that could change your energy alone; like if you had a red ball cap that, once you donned it, “gave you the energy” to finish your homework.


So, the question is, what if the room is painted “the wrong color” according to your house’s bagua? Or let’s take it one step further, what if the paint color UNDERNEATH the current paint color is “the worst” color for that area of the bagua map? (I get that one a lot too.) Heck, I actually tell folks to paint red in certain places for various feng shui reasons and intentions and then say “you can paint over it and it will still work” because I understand that the intention for the color is actually more powerful than the color itself.  (That should actually start to hint at how color and cures even work.)


So, where do you go from here? My first recommendation is to take a moment to look within and see if you can find a reason to actually feng shui the space. Maybe you’ve got something counterbalancing that “couldn’t-be-worse-considering-the-bagua” color already and nothing is needed. Think “upgrade my life” rather than “fix my house” when it comes to using feng shui. If you do identify some area of your life that could use a tweak, consider all nine traditional cures if you like “the wrong” wall color that’s there.


Trust me – it can be balanced even if the color is all wrong. As a matter of fact, here’s a chill-pill feng shui thought for you: With the right intention, you can hardly go wrong anyway. Look atEVERYTHING —not just the color. Heck, I’ve helped someone declutter alone and got great results, so not even adding stuff is necessary sometimes let alone a whole-house paint color change.



With all that said, here are some feng shui thoughts on color:


  • Red: It is a very powerful color. Use it when you need stop energy or activate the space.  An ADHD kid with a red room? Probably a no-no – especially if no other cures are in place to counter it. But a little splash of it in the master to spice up a love life? Sure…be my guest.
  • Purple: The saying is “It’s so red it’s purple. It is “just as lucky” if not luckier than red as it is considered a rich, fortunate, or noble color. Like I said, there are many ways to enhance, but feel free to purple-it up if you want to amass wealth or spiritual energies. Feel free to hide this or any other color in spaces where you might want to uplift the ch’i but keep a different décor vibe going. It is not important to visually see it.
  • Yellow or Gold: Great for tolerance and patience. Some yellows can create “frustrating” ch’i and some create sunny bright dispositions. I’d keep it out of the baby’s room and go for green instead.
  • Green: Like plants, green is a symbol of growth as well as tranquility, hope, and freshness and health (great for babies and small children, am I right?)
  • Blue: Depending on the hue it can range from the energies associated with green, but also can go in the direction of depression, laziness, and even mourning, etc. I’ve been in refreshing spa-like blues and intense and depressing ones. Think of balancing the room well when using blue. Blue or gray-greens are usually better than straight-up blues in big amounts without additional balancing efforts.
  • Black: On one hand it can be deep and introspective, and on the other, it can suck the hope right out of a space. I’d avoid large amounts of this if you are on “mood elevators” or feel depressed.
  • Gray: Can be depressing or ambiguous or “cloudy-day like” or can also be a good marriage of opposites. Once again, choose wisely and really love the entire space and contents to ensure balance.
  • Brown: Can be stabilizing and grounding, but too much can feel heavy.
  • Tan: Can represent a new successful beginning or new possibilities.
  • Orange: My favorite color to wear, it denotes happiness and also power, believe it or not.
  • Pink: I think you can guess this one; it represents love and pure feelings, joy, and romance.
  • Peach: This is also a double-edged type color. It represents attraction and love which is good for single people, but once married, can be destructive.


So there you have it — a good starter conversation into the world of color and feng shui. If you’d like to show me the colors in your spaces, feel free to join my Move Your Stuff with Karen Program: the most inexpensive way to access me for quick advice and responses to your feng shui work.


Good luck, and remember – no circus tent painting!



  • Marie November 18, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    This had been playing on my mind since I painted my skills and knowledge hallway in a pale blue that never felt right; it felt cold and stark! I stuck with it for a while as I thought it ‘should’ be this colour. I didn’t feel like it made a while lot of difference in this area of life (for either better or worse). Since reading that this area is of the earth element, and blues may not be the best colour, I just repainted in a sage-green (I know green should be limited but I loved the colour) and a warm cream colour and, whether right or wrong in feng shui terms, I’m much happier in the space. I am however, about to add a small gallery that includes some inspiring figures and symbols of wisdom! Weirdly, I have started to feel a real sense of calm around relationships, especially with work colleagues, which have been difficult in the past. I’m not sure if my paint job has anything to do with this but I’m grateful for the change, both at work and how my home looks 🙂

    • Karen March 17, 2017 at 5:46 am

      Way to pay attention to how you feel in the space!

  • Denise March 17, 2017 at 5:41 am

    Hello! This is a question really. I’ve read that for good feng shui that we cannot have a nothing in a corner of a room because if there’s nothing in the corner the chi will stay there and not be able to circulate or something like that. Well, if I put something in the corner on the floor but it doesn’t reach the ceiling, wouldn’t the chi be able to stay in the corner on top of what ever I put on the floor. Say the article I’ve put on the floor in the corner is three feet tall, wouldn’t the chi be stuck in the corner after the three feet. Do I have to put something in the corner that reaches the ceiling? Hopefully you can answer this question for me. Thank you!

    • Karen March 17, 2017 at 5:45 am

      This is where feng shui becomes spastic! A good feng shui practitioner can SENSE what needs to be done….read books only for ideas I’d say and work it custom-to-you from there. The answer is “it depends.”