Holiday Decor with feng shui

Happy Holidays Everyone!  I get these questions every year about holiday decor, so I thought I would share again 🙂

Now is the time of year when you can temporarily add all kinds of chi-enhancing things to your home and no one thinks a thing of it!  Need wood in the Family gua to have a harmonious family gathering this year? Stick the Christmas tree there with that intention. Need fire in the Fame or Health guas? Add stars and twinkling lights! Use ornaments as shiny reflective surfaces to add life to a dull space.  Angels are very helpful in the Helpful People parts of your home!

Here’s a quick list of some other good places for Holiday Decor:

Water, and the Career Gua:

  • Snowman
  • Snowflakes

Wood, and the Family Gua:

  • Christmas Tree
  • Hanukkah Bush
  • Inherited decorations
  • Holly

Fire, and the Fame and Reputation Gua:

  • Reindeer
  • Candles
  • Stars
  • Lights
  • Poinsettias
  • Menorah
  • Holly

Earth, and the Health area:

  • A Fresh Centerpiece with Real Earth
  • Poinsettias
  • Fresh Bowl of Fruit or Fruit Basket

Metal, and the Creativity and Children Gua:

  • Ornaments
  • Games
  • Dreidel
  • Instruments
  • Train Set
  • Bowls of ornaments
  • Dolls
  • Carolers
  • Sleds

The Prosperity Gua:

  • Gifts (especially the ones you receive)

The Helpful People Gua:

  • Santa
  • Angels
  • Gifts (especially ones you are giving)

The Skills and Knowledge/Wisdom Gua:

  • Wise Men of the Nativity Set
  • Religious Figures

The Relationship Gua:

  • Chocolates and Other Sweets!

When it comes to gifts, I try my best to get something that I KNOW they would love and use.  My idea of a great gift is one that can be used until it is gone, so it doesn’t clutter up anyone’s home long term.  I like to give candles, soaps and lotions, incense, flowers, and food items.  I also like giving “experiences” like certificates for massages or facials, sports tickets (for the guy that has it all), and dinner gift certificates.  Things that are off my list (even if they ask for it) are knick-knacks and collectables that just sit around taking up space.  Hey, if you don’t want to listen to their “I’m stuck in life” complaints throughout the year, don’t be a contributor tot their stuck-ness!

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