How to Deal with Negative Thoughts and Be Positive

With the 10-year anniversary of 9-11 here, let’s talk about keeping fear and other lower energies away. These lower emotions cause nothing but stress – which leads to disease…and who wants that? Since I have decided my life path was to create a better world (one house at a time!) I thought it would be a good idea to address the best possibilities for creating a great world in these “at war” and fearful times. It is no surprise that my advice is to try to create the best vibrational field as possible in your mind, body, and your home. Try these out and see if you find yourself more at ease:

#1 Minimize negative thoughts in your mind and in your home. Negative thinking is destructive to the body. There’s a difference between being informed and being consumed by the news. Learn what you need to know from as little medias as possible, take appropriate action, and then move on to the next thought – hopefully it is a more giving or loving one. (Once one realizes the chi connection between all things, one can appreciate the “force field” that is created when another is consumed with “bad news.”) Remove/Recycle newspapers and magazines filled with “bad news” from your home.

#2 Surround yourself with positive thoughts and affirmations. Let’s try to simply infuse the atmosphere and our subconscious with positive thoughts and positive and life-affirming words. Check out Dr. Emoto’s work if you need inspiration.  I’d like to add the word forgive in the mix of words to choose to place around you if you find yourself hopelessly grinding on hateful or revengeful thoughts.

#3 Enhance the Wisdom (Skills and Knowledge) Gua (front left-hand part of room or home.) A simple picture of a mountain, or a stone or other earth element can be helpful in this spot in the home. If you want to write down some affirmations and place them in this area, you’d be doing yourself some good. Higher thoughts go hand-in-hand with good decisions, which can help dig you out of a fearful funk.

#4 A ritual can also go a long way here. Walk around your lot, home, or throughout the inside of your apartment with very clear intentions of creating a place of protection. First, clear your mind and heart from anything unforgiving and un-loving. (For example, saying the prayer of St. Francis can be helpful if you know it.) Then, visualize your home (or development, or county or the entire world) enveloped in a field of light (choose pink for love, green for the heart chakra, or even golden or white light.) Send love along with the color throughout  these places in your mind with a blessing or giving mindset. The, proceed knowing you are protected. Go about your every day business.

Now, you no longer need to dwell on the negativity. …just a thought. 🙂