How to Feng Shui a Hospital Room

If you follow the feng shui rule that “What’s closest to you has the most impact on you,” then chances are, you’re looking for help if you or a loved one has to spend any time in a hospital. I’m been seeing an uptick in the amount of times I get asked this question, so I thought I’d dig back to an old newsletter where I knew I had the information.

A while back, my good friend Lanis in Tampa was kind enough to write me and tell me what she did for her daughter who had to clock some serious hospital time during her lymphoma treatment, so I thought I’d just pass it along as I think it is excellent information (her daughter is still cancer free now!!)

Lanis has studied my book and others, and has come up with quite a bag of cures. A literal bag mind you. She calls it her “spirit bag.” It is a very brightly colored bag with sketches of people dancing in colorful fiesta type clothing, and has words written on it in gold that says “pure love, heal hearts, embrace spirit.” across the top and both sides. She calls it her “bag of intentions.”

In it she places: 1. Two sets of octagonal shapes of construction paper in all the colors of the bagua with the appropriate bagua number on them. One set to go around the room and one set for under the mattress.

2. A small silver box with a health affirmation inside written in the present tense. (Her silver box has the Chinese calligraphy for happiness on it!)

3. A bag of sea salt, bowl, and distilled water with the word “Peace” written on the label. She uses the bowl of salt water under the bed and changes if frequently to absorb any negative energies.

4. Red tape / ribbon to stop any energy leaks on the plumbing drainage pipes of any hospital room.

5. A large octagonal-shaped piece of yellow construction paper inside a zip lock bag to place over the hospital toilets that do not have lids. (She discards the bag when checking out of the hospital and places the paper in a new bag for future use.)

6. A smaller red octagon in a ziplock for the shower drain.

7. A blue cloth to shroud the TV.

8. A poster of rainbow hearts and positive affirmations about feeling healthy, safe, happy, loving, etc. It also has a place for friends and loved ones to write down their own notes of love. The poster also contains a picture of her daughter when she is healthy and happy. (I’d say to “treasure map” whatever seems appropriate here for you. Hang this over any hospital art – especially if it is a downer message – as in her case, the hospital had a poster that said “Are you in pain?” on it.)

9. An aroma therapy infuser and pure lavender essential oil (which is what her daughter loves to smell. There’s room for personal creativity here!)

10. Wind chimes (usually hung in the fame and reputation area of the room because it is usually a window and she wants to redirect the chi to stay in the room.)

11.Clown finger puppets and other “Patch Adams” stuff for the creativity and children gua of the room (you can be creative here with what suits you!)

12. Healing music CD’s and a CD player.

13. Portable CD player for meditation CD’s and music.

14. Pure water for drinking labeled with words like Love and Appreciation, Beautiful, etc.(If you read Power Versus Force you’ll know why.)

15. A copy of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, Power Versus Force, and The Eye of I (Hawkins’ “second” book.)

16. Red Fabric to place at head rail of metal hospital bed – especially if it is in the Family gua of the room.

17.Beautiful linen fabric (usually napkins and lightweight placemats) to place over poison arrow corners of furniture.

And these are the things she takes that are not in the bag: 1. Fresh yellow flowers in a terra cotta container placed on rolling hospital table which winds up in the center of the room.

2. A pair of fresh pink flowers for the relationship zone.

3. A small fresh bouquet of flowers for the bathroom vanity.

4. Luxurious sheets and blankets and pillows

5. Any funny people – for comic relief.

6. Heartfelt mother devotion and love that she attaches to everything in that room.

We also spoke and were talking about Dr. Emoto’s water experiments and Dr. David Hawkins’ book Power Versus Force S and we decided to try visualizing her daughter in a bubble that was made up of tiny “600’s” (the vibratory level that results in instant physical healing according to David Hawkins.) Lansi also decided to make up a comfy T shirt for her daughter to wear with “#600″ on it and the word “perfect peace” written in gold.

Move Over Chemotherapy – CHI THERAPY RULES!