How to Feng Shui the Toilet

I get this question a lot so I thought I’d summarize it here!

There are many ways to counterbalance a toilet so vital energy does not escape by being flushed away from a feng shui standpoint. Here are some ways using traditional cures:

1. Run a line of red (anything red will do) around the outgoing pipe with intentions of not allowing any vital energy from being flushed away.

The problem with this fix is that sometimes it is hard to disguise the red. So, let me give you some alternatives to this:

2. Place a mirror face up on top of the toilet tank with intentions of deflecting vital chi back up instead of allowing it to be pulled down and flushed away. The mirror can be sitting there alone, or something decorative can even be sitting on it. Another alternative is to open the tank lid and place the mirror on the bottom of the tank inside (under water) with intentions of deflecting the water energy upwards, and not allowing vital chi to “go down the drain.” I’d recommend at least a 4″ diameter one, or use multiple smaller ones if that does not fit inside or on top of your tank easily.

3. Hang a crystal above the toilet or in the center of the bathroom ceiling with intentions of dispersing the energy before it has the capacity to congregate over the toilet and get flushed away. Any round, multi-faceted crystal will do (I’m not talking about a natural stone here, but instead, a leaded glass crystal.) I’d recommend a minimum of a 30 mm one.

4. Hang a large wind chime the same as the crystal. I personally prefer the crystals because they are more visually discreet, but either one will do.

This cure is especially helpful if you do not have a traditional tank.

Hope that helps!


  • Candice April 14, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    Hi Karen! I’ve got a question I can’t quite figure out, my onsite has a toilet shower and basin, the mirror is facing the toilet, and I read that whatever is reflected in the mirror it doubles, so I put money on a board above it (hehe) but I’m not sure if its a good idea because its above the toilet? Maybe if I put a stone on the tank or a plant? The bathroom faces SW not sure if that matters:) love ur advice!:)

  • Karen April 14, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    I don’t usually work with the directions unless I really see the need, but for you I’d say to keep observing the energy reactions to what you do and then you’ll know if it warrants tweaking or not. With the limited info here, I don’t want to give unwarranted advice.

  • Dorothy May 5, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    I follow classical feng shui Xuan Kong Flying stars. If the bathroom is in the SW depending on the stars that you have it can be a good thing as it will symbolically “flush” away the bad influences. Keep the toilet lid down and keep the bathroom sparkling clean and fresh, add some green in either rugs, decor, green plants are excellent. I would not worry that it is in the SW as you don’t enhance bathrooms. It is not good to have a mirror that reflects the toilet as you don’t want to see yourself while using. Place something between the mirror and the toilet such as a plant, statue, vase, etc. The mirror is doubling the water and waste of the toilet. Place a plant on top of the toilet lid if possible that is also good. Hope this helps.

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