Learning From Others…Q & A’s

Learning from Others!

I’ve had such a wonderful time this year with the people taking part in the “Move Your Stuff with Karen” program. We get on the phone two times a month and really dig into some interesting subjects!

One call is totally Q and A-style, and I think everyone would agree, you learn a lot that you can apply to yourself from listening in to my thoughts and answers to other people’s questions.The other call is on a particular subject.

I thought I’d just do a straight-up Q and A Blog…for those of you who’ve been receiving the Feng Shui Chronicles for a long time, you might remember, I used to include some Q and A time in the past.  


So here we go!!!


  • Question #1: We are moving and have a brand new treadmill to take with us. I think it has to either end up in Skills and Knowledge (front left) or Helpful People (front right) guas. Which one would you recommend and how might you cure it?
  • Answer #1: Given those two choices and not knowing anything else about anything (ugh!) I’d say to put it in Helpful People. That gua is a very yang gua and a treadmill with all its moving parts I might think would come off as quite yang in a home. Also, it is usually gray and metallic which suits this gua more than the earth-element loving Skills and Knowledge gua.



  • Question #2: My house is on the corner of two roads. One road is to the side and the front of the house faces the other road. What can I do to counter being at a T intersection?
  • Answer #2: This is not what is meant by living at a T intersection. If one road ended where cars would be facing directly at your house before they had to turn right or left (because driving straight would mean they’d hit your house!), that would be the challenging position. The T intersection cure is not needed on your home. (For those who do have this situation or are possible at the end of a cul de sac) though, I’d recommend either placing a mirror above the door facing the street, or a mirror positioned somewhere between your door and the street. You might also want to place items to slow down the energy like I show in illustration 55 in Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life using boulders. A gazing globe or a fountain might even work between the two or even painting the front door red with intentions of stopping the energies from hitting the house. There are usually many ways to change speed, angle or flow of energies.



  • Question #3: What can I do to start trusting in a relationship again?
  • Answer #3: I’d recommend starting in the Skills and Knowledge gua (front left of home or room). Place a symbol of your newfound trust there with strong intentions that you grow from the past but not live from it. Next, I’d place a cure in the Family gua (half way back on the left) to cut ties from the past relationships that are interfering with the present moment. I might also consider doing a little “energy transfer modernizer” that I speak of in Make a Shift, Change Your Life so you retrain your subconscious to allow you to believe it is possible, and that you are capable, and that you deserve all the relationship fruits of trusting again. And lastly, I would eliminate ANYHTING that triggers memories of when you were distrusting in past relationships.


  • Question #4: I have been looking and looking for a house and think I finally found it, but I am worried about the natural canyon-like depression in the land across the street behind the house. Would you buy it?
  • Answer #4: It is hard to say whether I’d buy it or not because I know so little about the property and you. There are many factors that I consider for my clients before making a decision like that. Is the house and lot a good overall shape? Is there a good address number? Do the bedrooms have flat ceilings and good headboard walls? Is there any electromagnetic pollution to mitigate? Is there a cell tower close by? How did the previous owners fare in this home? Oh I could go on and on. But, if everything else checks out and you have this disagreeable street (that’s like an energy stream) and depressed landform behind you, then I would do several things to counterbalance it.
    1. I’d put “up stuff” like uplighting and possibly a flag pole to tall upright-growing trees in the rear yard to push the energy up before it drains down into the ravine. The big goal here is to optimally place something taller than the house behind it to give it support.
    2. In addition to the outdoor cure, I’d possibly place a symbol of a mountain behind the home indoors to signify a mountain protecting your back. You can place a symbol of a mountain (like a turtle, of course a mountain, or even an elephant) to symbolize the energy you wish to have at your back and between you and the ravine.
    3. Make sure your bed’s headboard, home office chairs, and wherever else you spend a lot of time is protected from behind. Solid walls behind the chair and headboards will further support you in this home.


  • Question #5: Hi Karen, I recently moved into a studio that was Bagua shaped and now has had a kitchen & bathroom added on. There is a completely missing relationship section; partial missing prosperity; skills and  knowledge. My bed is in fame & rep. Is this too much to cure? My relationships, job, health all seem to be tanking 🙁  Also the house is on stilts. I’m trying corrections but feel overwhelmed. Any suggestions where to focus first?
  • Answer #5: Hmmm, if it were truly bagua-shaped, it would be an octagon…so I’m assuming that you are saying it was a square and now there have been modifications. (This is why I do telephone consultations where clients have to send in floor plans and photos, as a slight mix up in communications can lead to off-the-mark cures.) My suggestions on where to focus first is on your bed – making sure it is in a safe and healthy position, free from EMF’s and poison arrows. Then I’d work on the bedroom making sure there are no poor symbols (like broken things or “dead” dried flowers, etc.) While doing this I would also work the helpful people box for sure while also working on getting yourself grounded, since you live on stilts.

Hope enjoyed these questions and answers! It’s always eye opening when we start digging deeper 🙂



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  • Nancy April 1, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    Hi Karen – I enjoyed all the Q & A I can definitely relate to many of them. I always enjoy receiving your emails, they are full of helpful information. I have been a follower of your work for over fifteen years, give or take a few years. I have witness how your work has flourished and I still hope of attending one of your seminars someday and meeting you in person. In the meantime, please continue your journey and thank you for sharing your knowledge and guidance.

  • Linda June 20, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Karen,

    I have an open port garage with a door leading into the house. Facing the house, the front door is two feet to the right away from the garage door. I’m constantly being told by visitors that they didn’t know what door to use. As a family, we always use the garage door. Besides building a garage to offset the two “front” door problem would you know of any short term remedies?
    thank you, Linda

    • Karen August 8, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      Simply make it so obvious which door is the FRONT door that you want them to use – that will help tremendously…door bell, address, porch light, welcome mat, flower pots beside door, etc.

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