How do I love my job – let me count the ways…

I LOVE seeing the before and fired-up after shots of my Australian client that turned her one-car garage space into her kick-butt office. Does this woman’s office say “I’M QUALIFIED FOR THE JOB!” or what?



I also love hearing the improvements of the client in Canada that got her daughter a new bed (hers was too short for her to lay flat in AND had the frame legs cut off!) and worked on the property line fencing:

“Hi Karen,

An overdue update on my eldest daughter’s room after your Move Your Stuff with Karen Q&A call Nov 23.  We replaced her bed right away including quality, cozy sheets and duvet of her choosing, and she loves it – see photo.  (Not?) surprisingly, a double bed fits just fine in her room, despite my thinking it wouldn’t. So obviously it is the right choice 🙂



Although she doesn’t use the full bed – she sleeps only on one side of it – if she wants to, she has the space to stretch out to sleep, so energetically I guess it is enough.  Interestingly, she has matured quite a lot in the 6 weeks since we’ve made the change.  Her leg pain is reduced but not gone, and her feet still cramp painfully at night but not as often. So there is still some nerve/electrical interference which we’ll keep working on, I’m just very encouraged that her attitude is much more mature – ‘growing up’ her bed (the old one was a twin with legs cut off) has certainly helped her!  And late last fall we worked to have the neighbour’s retaining wall replaced, as well as our wood fence that it had pushed over.  (Thanks again for the 3-gua cure & helpful people box ideas!) That wall/fence runs the length of our lot, through our entire family and prosperity guas, so would have been pushing on our eldest daughter pretty significantly for many years. Even though it’s been more than 6 weeks since it was fixed, I’m sure she is still ‘springing back’ from that cure as well.”




I also love all the successful stories that my feng shui family of Inspired Feng Shui Certification Training share with me when we chat in our graduate Facebook Group page and the dramatic transformations that occurred in the recent Decluttering Bootcamp Program that just ended.


Oh the list goes on and on.


I hope that whatever you are doing out there in life, you are passionate about it like I am. When I am speaking on stage, helping someone “move their stuff” or training people to do what I do, I almost have to pinch myself because I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to do it. It reminds me of that quote that goes something like “Choose a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!”


Life is short! Savor it!

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