What if you are missing out on a key feng shui cure or principle that can help you create your dream life?

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Move It! Monthly Membership

The easy-to-follow, insanely low-cost, and super effective Do-It-Yourself Feng Shui Program from best selling author Karen Rauch Carter…

Do the following sound anything like you?

Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it! I don’t want to and am not good at figuring out feng shui stuff to do from a book. I need to be spoon fed.

I get too overwhelmed with all there is to do with feng shui, so I end up not doing anything
because I feel I can’t ever get it DONE!

If this is you listen up – You are in the right place!

This is your chance to get great feng shui and healthy home advice on a weekly basis…for only about the price of a lunch each month! That’s right, this chock-full-of-info program is only 9 bucks a month for weekly proven feng shui secrets and solutions to attract the love, health, wealth and respect you desire and deserve. That’s around a quarter a day! You can probably find that in your car console or couch cushions!

Clients pay $697 to have Karen walk through their homes and share almost the same information that you have access to right here for only $9 per month.

The Move It! Membership gives you:

lotusSimple but key feng shui tips on a weekly basis (It lasts 2 years)!

lotusYou’ll get Karen’s unique take on some feng shui cures that you’ll never see in feng shui books.

lotusYou’ll get bite-sized weekly Move It! cures and solutions to help you quickly shift your environment to upgrade your life (You won’t even have to organize or keep track of your weekly tips in your inbox because they will be organized and stored for you in your private online storage hub!)

lotusYou’ll gain experience with yin and yang, the 5 elements, the bagua, traditional cures like what to do with crystals, mirrors and more, healthy home strategies for modern items like wireless devices, etc. — the list goes on and on.

lotusYou will learn as you go – so not only will you enhance your existing living and work places, you’ll have the wisdom (and access) to use it if you move anywhere else!

There’s no need to break down another feng shui book. This program is designed to save you time.  The program and simple to do lists can continue for as long as you want up to two years! (You can cancel anytime!)  Is one lunch a month worth investing in a seriously upgraded life? Check the box start on your pathway to an enriched life!


It’s time you get ALL the chi-enhancing tips that create results for YOU now!


A year ago, I started the Move It program. I was frankly at loose ends and not sure where I wanted to go. As I began to de-clutter the spaces around us, with Move It, I was decluttering my mind and re balancing my life. Six months into the program, David and I asked “is this what you thought retirement would be?” In a way even our thought process on this question we “feng shuied.” We came up with a list of the positive things we loved and had shared through our 41 years together and the negative things both past and present that we did not want in our life.

At the end, Move It was the catalyst for our move to the mountains of North Carolina where we found so many positive things that we wanted in our “retirement.” You’ve been helping us feng shui our lives for almost 10 years now. It’s such an incredible ongoing process that works through every stage of life. I’m sure many people believe you feng shui it, you live happily ever after and that’s that. Not so. Life evolves and feng shui moves with you, flows with you.

“Move It!” for us literally Moved Us…again in a creative positive direction for this next stage of life! Thanks!!!!” ~ Cait & David P.

Yes! I want the Move It Monthly Membership initiated immediately so I can start to improve my life now for the bargain price of $9 per month. I understand that I will receive weekly information for up to two years if I so choose, and I also understand that I can cancel anytime.*

I don’t want you to waste your time experimenting…
I want you to do it right the first time!

And if you want to upgrade this teeny monthly investment, for just $1.50 a day, you’ll not only receive the weekly tips and strategy sheets of the Move It Program, but you’ll get 2 live calls per month with Karen (to ask her anything and show her pictures of what you changed!) AND a members-only feng shui shop discount in the online store. I know…can you believe it?

Check out this Move It PLUS Program HERE.


I look forward to serving you!

Karen Rauch Carter

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