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Take feng shui and Move Your Stuff  to the next level with feng shui expert and best selling author, Karen Rauch Carter

Have you found yourself worried that you’re misinterpreting feng shui’s deeper meanings? Do you have a unique situation at home that you’ve never heard discussed in feng shui programs?  Are your doubts leaving you stressed wondering if you’re doing it right?

Hi, I’m Karen Rauch Carter, author of the best selling book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life and your personal feng shui expert. I remember wishing I had someone around to answer quick questions as I was first learning and trying to feng shui my house. I wanted to do it right the first time and I didn’t want to get off track because I didn’t understand something.

I saw that same thing happening to some Move It! Membership Members. They were getting great results, but some felt like they wanted validation of their work or just a quick clarification of a particular cure. So I decided to combine the weekly email support with 2 live group calls per month to create the Move Your Stuff  With Karen Membership!

Register below to become a member and join us on our next call.  Calls are the 2nd and 4th Wednesday’s of the month.

You can become a Move Your Stuff With Karen Member for

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The Move Your Stuff with Karen Membership gives you:

lotusThe simple but key Move It! do-it-yourself feng shui tips on a weekly basis (It lasts 2 years) conveniently stored in one online location!

lotusAccess to live calls twice a month to give you deeper feng shui information and to have Karen review your feng shui work – yes – you can send in your photos and floor plans for her comments! Each call lasts about 60 min.


Access to a Members-Only private Facebook Page for community support! You can ask questions and interact with other members.

And of course, if you have feng shui and healthy home-creating topics tlotushat you’d like me to cover on our topic calls, you have the chance to ask for it – because this program is for YOU and I want to ensure that we cover topics most important to you.


It’s time you get ALL the chi-enhancing tips and personalized attention you need to create optimal results for YOUR life!

A year ago, when I started the Move It Membership Program. I was frankly at loose ends and not sure where I wanted to go. As I began to de-clutter the spaces around us, with Move It weekly emails, I was decluttering my mind and re balancing my life. Six months into the program, David and I asked “is this what you thought retirement would be?” In a way even our thought process on this question we “feng shuied.” We came up with a list of the positive things we loved and had shared through our 41 years together and the negative things both past and present that we did not want in our life.

At the end, the Move It weekly emails  were the catalyst for our move to the mountains of North Carolina where we found so many positive things that we wanted in our “retirement.” You’ve been helping us feng shui our lives for almost 10 years now. It’s such an incredible ongoing process that works through every stage of life. I’m sure many people believe if you feng shui it, you live happily ever after and that’s that. Not so. Life evolves and feng shui moves with you, flows with you.

“Move It!” for us literally Moved Us…again in a creative positive direction for this next stage of life! Thanks!!!!

~ Cait & David P.

Plus, all past Move It! With Karen call recordings will also be hosted in the Feng Shui Online Resource Center – no more searching your email for recording links or past Move It! emails.

I don’t want you to waste your time experimenting… I want you to do it right the first time!

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Concerned about the ongoing commitment? Don’t worry! You can cancel at any time. Try it out for the first month, enjoy the calls, discounts and community, but if it’s not for you — rest assured you can cancel anytime!

Karen, you are truly a miracle worker! I have my little daughter’s joy and spirit back. Since her diagnosis with type 1 diabetes last November, she just wasn’t herself. Since we made the changes to the prosperity area of our home she has been so happy. She has made new and amazing friendships, gained the love and support from classmates, friends, and family.”

~ Lori S.

I look forward to serving you on these upcoming calls!

Karen Rauch Carter