Pie for Breakfast?

I just got back from my 6AM yoga class and thought I’d share what I was having for breakfast. I’m not one for a giant breakfast after yoga. I like to fill up slowly after a good stretch. So, for breakfast, I have my “guilty pleasure-but-still somewhat healthy” breakfast – pumpkin pie. Unlike the picture shown, I make my pie without a crust, (who needs the extra fat and carbs and remember I’m gluten-free) so it’s kind of like pumpkin pudding in a bowl. It feels and tastes very satisfying, and I also like the fact that I’m getting some fiber and whole-veggie nutrition. Over the years I’ve heard of others loving pumpkin pie for breakfast like me, so I thought I’d share this in case you wanted to give it a go. Also, there are so many pumpkins seriously on sale right now for Halloween, that I thought you might want to pick up a couple for pie or maybe even a soup (its like hot pumpkin pie in a bowl too!) What a great way to make the most of the local food harvest. 🙂