Professional Training with Karen

Whether you want to become a feng shui professional or already are one and need some additional training you’re in the right place! I provide professional training in 2 areas:

Interested in becoming a certified feng shui consultant?

If you want to create a professional practice to help others with Feng Shui or simply master the techniques for your own reasons, I’d love to teach you exactly everything I do and how I do it step-by-step.

Enrollment is currently open for the Course that Opens February 26th, 2018!


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3 Module Certification Training

Do you want to become certified, but find it challenging to find the time or finances for the 25 week course? We have designed a 3 Module course that breaks the full training into three 8 week classes.  You can work at your own pace, but still get all the benefits that you would in the 25 week course. When you finish all 3 modules you will be completely certified as a feng shui practitioner!


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Already a professional and need mentoring?

When I started learning feng shui, what really helped me was having my mentors Nate Batoon and Professor Lin Yun to count on when I hit a difficult consultation and needed answers.  I am creating a space for you feng shui practitioners to grow in your feng shui knowledge to become better consultants as well as create a viable business.

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(Currently not enrolling new mentoring students)

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