Running Away or Taking Action?

Someone asked me the other day if I thought I was running away from anything in California as I make my way to my new home in Florida. Hey – there’s no law that says I can’t ever come back! 🙂  But I am looking forward to a new adventure. I set up my life so that I could live anywhere in the world and still do what I do, so now I’m DOING IT! It’s my own special version of “living the dream.”


That question also reminded me of the reverse of many comments I received years ago when I first moved to Florida for a job right after college. I had so many people from my home town in the mid-west say to me “You are so lucky to live in Florida!” My response was usually – “You can too! And you don’t even need a passport to make it happen!” My take on that conversation was that, if they were serious, they were coming from either fear, or guilt, or maybe just living life from a “tolerating” rather than a fully-accepting or go-getting state of mind. I’ve tried my best to live life like it was preciously short, with a kind of “why not?” perspective, and it has certainly made life interesting if nothing else!


Anyway, although I’m truly looking forward to my new digs, and to see what life is like as an empty-nester living in “the Caribbean without the passport,” I’m also thinking that some people do stay stuck, or “on the run” from their home environment that they are “tolerating,” because maybe they are trapped in some mindset that says it’s impossible to “do something about” the clutter, the relationship, the health issue or the actual physical environment/region/state, etc. itself, or they think, that the good life is for someone else — not them. Well, I’m here to tell you. If that’s what you think, it will surely be so.


Do you hate your home life and do whatever you can do ignore the reality of it? Maybe you volunteer for everything or throw yourself in your job in order to ignore what’s at home. Or maybe you just express your unhappiness to all you are willing to hear and keep the victim thing going, yet do nothing to consciously make a change. Wherever you feel stuck, I assure you, there’s some subversive thought pattern that’s creating it.


In The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, author Catherine Ponder used the word Dynamic in the title because it has the same root word as dynamite — “That which is dynamic tends to blast you out of a rut!”


I invite you to stamp out the fear, blast out of your rut, and live YOUR dream. The first step? Figuring out your rut to avoid and your actual dream to pursue. Clarity of mind is indeed step one on the journey to “a new location in life.”


Dreaming, picturing, or visualizing an outcome is so vital to creating your future, that without it, you literally suspend your very future from finding you. Much like denial, this ignoring of a possible destination can leave you on the merry-go-round to nowhere.


If you have to overcome fear to even get started on dreaming or pursuing a destiny, (chances are, if you’ve been stuck for a long time, there’s fear involved) I’d work on the career gua. Funny enough, it is also the very part of the bagua map that supports you living your life path. Nice—a two for one special!


Water element is key here. Get it flowing either in real time with a fountain or other water feature, or in symbolic form, VISUALIZE that this feng shui cure actually allows you to get out of fear and into “allowing” yourself to dream. Of course, if there is anything blocking ANY career gua of ANY room as well (that’s the front and center part of each room from where you enter the room), I’d certainly work on clearing that as well with the same intention.


You might also support the body parts that relate to fear. Eating “water element-supporting” foods might give you the physical umph to knock fear away so you can BOLDLY take on actually dreaming up the dream. Foods like most fish and seafood, black, blue, and boysenberries, concord grapes, buckwheat, eggs, kelp, beans mushrooms, olives, watermelon are just a few foods that have a “softening effect” which promotes moisture and calms the body. (If you suffer from nervousness, or have a thin, dry constitution, these foods are your friend!)


Another little tip when thrust back into fear is to change perspectives. Everything is relative. So, if you can see your little self fretting about making a “big change” in life, scoot back out into space in your mind’s eye until it is a teeny change. For example, if you view this big fat life-altering change from say, the next solar system over, you can suddenly see how preposterously minuscule that “big” change is. Move from California to Florida? Heck, from this perspective, it’s impossible to even notice the move at all!


So What’s the big deal? We are specks of dust hurling through space on a little round slightly bigger speck of matter. Do you think the universe is conspiring for you to lead a life of misery and stuckness? Not a chance. It is just a construct of your mind. So change it. And dream. And then — well, sorry Nike —JUST DO IT!





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