Significance of Clocks in Feng Shui

Are you always out of time? Does life feel like it’s at a standstill? Got money problems? Does time fly? Can’t seem to ever get anywhere on time? Losing friends because they won’t put up with your flakiness? The significance of clocks is very important in feng shui


According to feng shui principles, what’s going on in your living and work environments is going on in your life –and oftentimes, it is quite literal. Take clocks and your issues with time for example. Whether it’s a grandfather, kitchen, mantle or coo-coo clock, you might find a literal connection between your issue with time and those clocks. (Don’t forget watches – they are small but also “timepieces.”)


Take an inventory of all clocks and watches. (I swear I often ask my clients if they have a broken clock or watch in a particular location and they say no, only to find it sitting right there when we get to that location.) Are any unplugged, deliberately set to a different time than reality, forgotten about and off by one hour due to time changes, or just downright broken? Whatever “issue” you find might justexactly describe some situation in YOUR life.


Has time run out or you can’t get a handle on some deadline ? Maybe it’s that weird little clock where the hands fell off and you swore years ago that someday you’d fix it. Is time up? Maybe all the clocks hung on walls are positioned where you have to significantly look up to see them. Connect the dots and make a change with the problem timepiece and you just may have given yourself the time to succeed where before it was unavailable to you.


Also, to be even more specific, if you notice the area of the Bagua that your clocks are in, you may get additional clues as to why your life is troubled in an area of life. If “time is money” and the clock in the back left-hand part of your house is “stuck” or “broke,” you are probably experiencing a money/income problem.


If you never have time to travel, you may have a clock issue in the front right-hand part of your home because that area governs travel.


The time is now. Check out all clocks where you hang out and see if a more supporting adjustment can be made. You just might laugh at the exact literalness as you connect the state of your clocks and what’s happening in your life.