Simple tips when building or remodeling a home


Remodeling can be tough. Here are a few simple tips I like to recommend when building or remodeling a home.


1. Delineate spaces with flooring changes if the furniture has to float in a room. This is also effective if you have that front and back door alignment in your house to detract from the straight shot out the back door.

2. Avoid placing mirrors behind you as they can energetically create a “hole” or an opening behind you…not good if you want to claim power and respect.

3. If something feels dead or off but you can’t figure out why, try spinning the entire arrangement on the 45 angle to the walls.

4. Got a window straight ahead when entering your bedroom door which can lead to weakened energy in the relationship? Remember, the color red activates and draws attention – use it. Make that bed catch your eye before the view does.

Just wanted to give you a few tips to keep the energy flowing in your life!

One Comment

  • Katie Dunn September 27, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    I think your home design tip about mirror placement is rather interesting. I would never have thought that mirrors had anything to do with creating an aura of claiming power and respect. Instead, I would have thought that they would be a positive feature as they’d make a room look more spacious.