Simply move your SAME STUFF!

Simply moving your SAME STUFF in your house EVEN JUST A LITTLE BIT can be all you need to do to freshen up and “pull together” a room – especially if you notice that you or anyone else in the home is never compelled to use that particular room.

Case in point: My client here had a BEAUTIFUL living room space and furniture, but all the pieces were so darned far apart, it set up a condition where it felt unfriendly and unwelcoming. This space was literally the furniture-filled hallway to get to the other parts of the home. But voila! We scooted everything closer together and now, not only does it keep the attention (and vital ch’i) INSIDE the home rather than slipping out the back door, it actually provides a gathering and communicating venue in the home!


Here’s the before: 

Here’s the after:

Would I love to have a carpet in there to further define the space and slow down the ch’i? Yes. Could I run a line of red across those back door frames with intention of stopping the ch’i from heading straight out – yes. But for no money and 5 minutes time, we’ve got the energy to at least want to hang out for a while as it eddies around that ottoman.


Here is the same photographer client’s office space before a teeny bit of rearranging:

And here is it with the same furniture – only choosing to use the larger solid wall created by the unsymmetrical door placement as the backing for the desk:

AAHHH…..breathing room. And you know what I always say…space = opportunity!


It’s been less than 60 days and guess what? She “fell into” the perfect beautiful new office space outside her house (7 days from stumbling into the space to working from there) AND had a very long-standing financial issue FINALLY resolve itself. She’s got traction now and is off and running towards greater success! 


So, yep – feel free to go for adding items everywhere in your house if you have the space. But if you want to keep it simple, follow the examples above and simply move things around a bit and you’ll probably get some payoff too!


Hope this is helpful!