What is your source of suffering?

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”  –Buddha

 To alleviate suffering, it would be a great start to avoid ingesting the “5 poisons” of jealousy, ignorance, greed, pride, and attachment. These unhealthy emotions are the source of much suffering, even though many people would swear that it’s their mother-in-law, noisy neighbor, terrible teacher, or what have you.

But how does one even begin to unhook from these life-depleting states? Discernment. The more clearly you see events for merely the “teachers” that they are, and the more cleanly you can keep your personal states and energy bodies, the greater the chance to end your suffering.

As you probably know, last year I went through a divorce. Since sharing that, I have received several emails from people wanting more information about it. Well, here’s my take in a nutshell. My divorce is an event that happened just like many other events that happened in my life. The problem that works against my energy is when I fall into the trap of making some things good and others bad.  Since I do my best to practice (that’s practice versus perfection!) being in the now, I work on not allowing stories, the past, and mind chatter to run my life. The more I do this, the more I am actually living life as it is — right now. It is wise to discern between “life going on” and “life going your way (or not)” and you’ll be a happier camper because of it!

When you notice the conversation going on in your mind – Hang up!

 In a perfect world, we’d all love to stop ourselves in the midst of a “crisis moment” and remember we are all just spiritual beings having a human experience – but in reality, it’s rare if that thought is recognized as the energy force of the “crisis” usually dominates.

So, let’s take a look at the feng shui perspective of acquiring discernment and quieting the frizzy freak-out vibe that comes with an unwanted event. The Skills and Knowledge Gua, which is located in the front left-hand part of a room, home, or building is certainly a great place to align with your intentions of gathering greater discernment, and hone your “inner-work” skills.  The energy of the area is like that of a mountain — still, quiet, un-movable, yet, quite a powerful presence within the landscape.

If we can bring our attention to match that of the powerful yet still mountain, we can weather the tussling of the more frenetic energies with grace and inner serenity – and not deplete our physical, mental, and emotional energies on the “unwelcomed temporary visitor.” There are many practices that support gathering discernment and remaining still and “unwavering” including such standards as “counting to 10” before reacting or even allowing the time to “sleep on it.”

If you arrange your environment – especially the front right-hand area — to remind (re-mind) you to practice living in the now and continually invite greater discernment in your life, you will suffer less, be present to the reality of “this illusion of life,” and be able to choose your life rather than react to it.

As my friend Daniel O’Hara always says:

It’s your illusion – make it a good one!

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