Karen_red_top_smaller-200x300Karen Rauch Carter always brings her laugh-while-you-learn style and her accessible content to all her speaking events. She is available for live events, teleclasses, podcasts, and webinars, and also media interviews. Her humor and expert knowledge in turning life into an exquisite and desirable experience makes her a crowd pleaser.  Choose from one of the popular talk topics below, or contact her to customize an event for your group.

To check Karen’s availability and discuss which topic would work for your group, contact her office at 714-486-0752 or contact us online.

Karen’s Talk Topics

Below is a listing of Karen’s most requested signature talks:

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

Join feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter as she teaches simple techniques to activate your home or workplace to ensure optimal health, wealth, happiness and more. This talk allows participants to make the most of their living spaces using Karen best-selling feng shui book entitled of course, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. Participants are encouraged to bring their floor plan (hand drawn is OK) and pictures of their living spaces for the fun, unique, and enlightening Q and A time.

As a participant, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create change with the bagua map and overlay it on to your home
  • Place your furniture in the most favorable position
  • De-clutter quickly and effectively
  • Design several energy-shifting solutions for your spaces
  • Use feng shui’s 5 elements to your advantage
  • Identify and deal with health-robbing items within the home
  • …And so much more

Feng Shui for Prosperity

Are you doing all you can to secure your financial future? Join best-selling author and feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter as she gives you her most powerful prosperity-building feng shui tips to support you through these funky financial times. Once you take note and start applying her tips, you can immediately start benefitting from living in a more finaicially-supportive environment – both at work and at home.

Whether you are a feng shui novice or in-the-know, you’ll benefit from Karen’s fresh feng shui take on how to align yourself with abundance. Registrants are encouraged to bring floor plans and photos of their spaces to add additional quality to the Q and A time.

First Steps on the Feng Shui Path

Just beginning your feng shui journey? Learn the powerful and easy-to-do feng shui tips and techniques that can bring a whole new set of opportunities your way. Best-selling author and self-appointed “welcome wagon to feng shui” speaker Karen Rauch Carter humorously entertains you while you learn how to make basic changes to your home to bring about more love, money, respect, and happiness. Bring pictures or a hand-drawn floorplan sketch of your home in case you have questions as Karen will allow plenty of time to answer them.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Make the connection between your environment and your life circumstances
  • Identify and order the changes you want in life
  • Confidently employ the three most crucial feng shui concepts in your home or office
  • Optimize existing items in your home and workplace to create an auspicious environment
  • Attract and enhance opportunities more easily for love, prosperity and health and more

Remove the 7 Secret Blocks Holding You Back from Your Ultimate Personal and Professional Success Using Feng Shui

  • Is money going out faster than it’s coming in?
  • Has your get up and go – got up and went?
  • Can’t seem to attract enough quality opportunities?
  • Tired of people talking behind your back?
  • Need a reputation boost?

Let Karen show you how to turn these and many more frustrating situations around in her fun-with-feng-shui event. You will be amazed to learn the simple environmental changes that can make a huge difference in your relationship, health, and money –  just to name a few. This program is designed to focus on simple feng shui fixes, rather than a traditional feng shui education lecture. Depending on group size, participants are urged to bring a copy of their floor plan and pictures of their living spaces for Q and A time – so everyone can learn from real life situations as they further anchor what is being taught.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Become a money magnet
  • Maximize your opportunities
  • Eliminate “money leaks”
  • Optimize your personal power position
  • Activate your prosperity spot
  • Increase your personal power
  • Enroll your personal wealth-generating team

Are You Getting Enough? How to Support Sleep and Passion in Your Bedroom

Two common complaints best-selling author and feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter hears deal with what goes on while in bed: Sleep and Passion. In this program, Karen takes one giant leap beyond traditional feng shui to make the most of your bedroom time. She illustrates how to create a bedroom that not only supports a rejuvenating night of sleep, but also supports as much passion in real life as it is in your dreams. You’ll learn the feng shui do’s and taboos when it comes to what works in your favor to create the ultimate rejuvenation as well as passion-filled bedroom environment. No more complaining for you!

Size Matters: Ten Feng Shui Tips for Turning Your Bedroom into a Romantic Retreat

Looking for love? Or lost that loving feeling perhaps? Participants who come to this lecture are often shocked at their feng shui faux-pas that fizzle out their love life. Not to worry though, because best-selling feng shui author and expert Karen Rauch Carter, with her laugh-while-you-learn speaking style, shows how to maximize romance and re-ignite passion in the bedroom using simple feng shui principles. You’ll learn all the bedroom feng-shui-for-love do’s and don’ts that have proven to make a huge difference in the love department! Depending on the size of the audience, participants are asked to bring pictures of their bedroom for interactive learning.

Get Your Shift Together: 5 Simple Techniques that Shift Your Mind Toward Your Best Future.

If you don’t believe in miracles, how can they show up for you? Best-selling author and feng shui guru Karen Rauch Carter has seen that it only takes one sub-conscious false belief to sabotage the best feng shui intentions, so she’s out to change all that! This course showcases all her best exercises and techniques that uncover, unlock, and unload the mental clutter stopping people from their best life. Get ready to see the world in a whole new way – this experiential and interactive workshop is inner feng shui at its best! At the end of this program, you will be seeing your life quite differently (in a good way!) from the way you saw yourself and others when you arrived.

You’ll learn how to become a more centered, peaceful, authentic, and compassionate person through:

  • Changing un-resourceful beliefs
  • Obliterating negative emotions and un-resourceful states
  • Integrating opposing thoughts: (“A part of me wants to be trim and fit, and another part of me wants to sit around and eat bonbons all day!”)

Creating RE-rooms (relax, receive, retreat, relate, recline, revive, recreate, restore, rejuvenate) That Rock!

If your world (or your kid’s world) is going a little to fast for your liking, perhaps it’s because there is nowhere to go to slow down. Fortunately, Karen Rauch Carter, landscape architect, feng shui practitioner, and author of the best-selling book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life is here to offer design and feng shui tips and techniques that de-stress spaces, making them conducive to relaxing and reviving. Participants are encouraged to bring pictures and plans of your home or office spaces that need help!

What Happened When the Outhouse Came In – The Hidden Ways Technology and Conveniences Inconvenience Us (And What You Can Do About It)

Got your stuff in perfect feng shui placement but still have issues regarding health and longevity? In this “feng shui and beyond” program, best-selling author Karen Rauch Carter will awaken you to the oh-so-convenient yet oh-so-health-robbing items in your living environments and give you options as to how to best alleviate them. A-ha’s are guaranteed in this talk as you will never look at your Wi-fi hub and microwave oven the same way again!

Bed and Breakfast at its Best – How to make the most of 1/3 of your day and your diet drastically improves your health and happiness.

Since breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and amount of sleep you get is directly implicated in the quality of your health, best-selling author and feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter suggests starting your life makeover by revamping the simplest and most high-impacting one-third of your day: breakfast and the time you sleep. You will learn what items are working against a good night’s sleep in your home and bedroom so you can easily optimize your bedroom space as well as create breakfasts that support longevity. If you get these two things right, the rest of the day will be sure to support you!
Optimally, this talk is done in a setting where a cooking demonstration can occur, but it is not 100% necessary.

Top Ten Feng Shui Tips for Selling Properties

Strap yourself in and hold on tight – time’s a wasting and you’ve got listings to sell! Best-selling feng shui author and feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter is going to blast through her top ten tips for selling properties in this changing market. If you’ve ever heard her speak before, you know you’re in for a fun trip that will result in your transactions closing in magical, unexpected ways!

You will learn how to:

  • Walk your clients through the de-cluttering process
  • Quickly assess a room for incongruent items that work against you
  • Optimize furniture arrangement for best feng shui and showcasing needs
  • Create an “eye-trail” that tells a great story
  • Use a traditional space-clearing ritual
  • And much more

Depending on group size, participants are encouraged to bring pictures of listings to use as part of the educational curriculum for a more hands-on learning experience.