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Listen To The Words We Say

Listen to the Words We Say … How the Use of Language Can Provide Insight to What Our True Needs Are. One of the first things I do when I provide feng shui services is sit with the client and talk. We talk about what they want to change in their lives, what they feel […]

Learning From Others…Q & A’s

Learning from Others! I’ve had such a wonderful time this year with the people taking part in the “Move Your Stuff with Karen” program. We get on the phone two times a month and really dig into some interesting subjects! One call is totally Q and A-style, and I think everyone would agree, you learn […]

Success Story: Getting Help with the Helpful People Box

I am really shocked.  I am doing a major cleaning/purging of stuff in my house and my idea was to Feng Shui each area as I went, but I got a little anxious and decided to start a Helpful People Box.  I put in the name of a friend I just couldn’t get a hold […]

The Wrong Color for a Part of the Bagua – Q and A

  Question: I just read your book and am now rethinking my decor ideas.  I was just getting ready to hang a red curtain in my guest bathroom that falls in the Creativity and Children Gua, and white blinds in a window in the Family Gua window. What would you say to this?   Answer: […]

Are Toilets Bad Feng Shui?

Question: How do I activate my wealth corner if a toilet is there? I do keep the toilet lid closed at all times but what should I place in that corner so that wealth is retained? Answer: Good feng shui, bad feng shui, I know I scared half the world to death when I declared […]

Feng Shui Info That is Not Covered in My Book “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life”

Question #1: I know where the five elements fall on the bagua. It leaves the four corners “element-less.” Is there an element designation for these corners? Answer #1: I know it is not in my book, but the main element for each of the four corner guas are, Earth in “Skills and Knowledge,” Wood in […]

Using the Feng Shui “Bagua”

Question: Is it more important to overlay the bagua onto the home or do each room when you start applying feng shui? Answer: First, let me describe the bagua and then I’ll get into answering the question. The bagua is “the feng shui map” that you would use to arrange your spaces for optimal energy. If […]

Pets versus a Love Life? Feng Shui Q and A

  QUESTION: We got a cat in August and I discovered I was allergic to her. I close my bedroom door to keep her out. My bedroom is in the relationship area of my house. How can I keep the ch’i flowing? Is keeping my bedroom door closed closing off any relationships? I’m a single […]