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The Power of Yielding During Holiday Gatherings

There is an ancient game that I learned years ago while studying tai chi called “Push Hands.” It is all about feeling when you are in a yin or yang movement – while your feet are anchored in one place and you are palm to palm.  The goal is to knock your opponent off balance […]

Feng Shui Tips to WANT TO Want Something Else

I have noticed a new distinction in some of my recent consultations. Clients have been requesting that they want to want something other than what they want! I have had one client who wants to want to stay in her marriage, one client who wants to want to be straight, one client who wants to […]

Feng Shui Success Stories

#1 I have to tell you a happy story that involves feng shui. My brother has been laid off for just a few weeks shy of 2 years and had only 3 more checks coming from unemployment. He told me about an interview he had with Antonelli College in downtown Cincy for an IT administrator […]

Find a Home with Good Feng Shui – My Top Six Tips

With all the foreclosures happening these days, many people that have read my book or know at least a little about feng shui are questioning me on what to look for in their new home search. Although most things can be quickly fixed, there are some things that just might not be able to be […]

Feng Shui Success Stories

#1 I had been reading here online and started moving my stuff a week ago. Without any notice, I suddenly received a letter saying that my salary was being increased. I then bought your book, which arrived on Friday 1/7/11. I had Friday off and came home and started reading and moving, adapting and cleaning, […]

How to Sell a Home Quickly in a Terrible Market

Out of ideas to sell your property? Give feng shui a try! It seems these days that many of my feng shui consultations are geared towards selling a home. So, I thought I’d share some information that might help others out there in their desperate search for ways to sell a home quickly. I’ll start […]

I’m Speaking at the Omega Institute July 15th – 17th, 2011

I’m Speaking at the Omega Institute July 15th – 17th, 2011 If you want to join me, bring pictures and a floor plan of your home and/or office and register for my Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life weekend workshop! Rhinebeck New York is a wonderful place spend a summer weekend. 🙂  See you there! […]

What is “the Reductive Cycle” in Feng Shui?

What is the reductive cycle? I read up on it in another book but didn’t quite get it. The reductive cycle is a cycle that got edited out of my book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life (those darned editors!) It is the cycle where you can “reduce” an element without totally destroying it.  (Now, […]

10 Feng Shui Tips that Help Sell Houses

Want to make the most of your time while selling a house? Try these common sense, helpful feng shui tips: 1. Make sure your intentions are clear. A lot of people say one thing and do another. Make sure everyone is on board with this sale in a timely manner. Try imagining how you would […]

Feng Shui Your Summer Travels

Question: Although I love taking vacations to see and experience new things, I always return more tired than when I left. I can never seem to feel comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep while traveling. Is there something that I can do to make my vacations more relaxing and enjoyable, and can possibly […]