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Making Good Boundaries and Getting Along with Family

After listening to many of my friends talk about their turbulent relationships with their parents, I consider myself very lucky. My mom and I get along very well and when my dad was alive, we got along great too. But […]

Preparing for Fall with Feng Shui – Keep the Invitation Open

A hint of fall is in the air, I can feel it. This is a time of transition between the bright, hot “yang-ness” of summer and the darker, cooler yin days of winter. I’ve got a pumpkin growing in the […]

Can a Hoarder be Helped with Feng Shui?

I recently had a consultation with a full-on hoarder, so I thought I’d share some ideas on this subject in case you aren’t sure if you are one, or in case you know someone who is but doesn’t know it. […]

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Success Story: Getting Help with the Helpful People Box

I am really shocked.  I am doing a major cleaning/purging of stuff in my house and my idea was to Feng Shui each area as I went, but I got a little anxious and decided to start a Helpful People […]

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Feng Shui has brought me more work than I can handle!

How much do you really know about Feng Shui? Do you apply it to your life? Have you seen results? My New Years Resolution this year is to give you more! More content, more answers, more of whatever you need […]

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Is Taxidermy Considered Bad Feng Shui?

I understand how some people want to remember the big catch or big kill by creating a trophy for themselves and hanging it on the wall, but let’s break it down from a feng shui perspective and see how these […]

17 Shades of “Welcome” – What is Your Front Door Saying About You?

As the trick-or-treaters prepare their offense, you might want to counter attack by changing the  level of welcome at your place. Here’s my interpretation of what these houses are saying to the kids (and any other opportunity in life for […]

Feeling Stuck? Answer these questions that support decision-making.

Many of my clients call me because they find themselves at a cross road in life. Maybe they just got divorced, are a new empty-nester, or have a job change. But sometimes, they are faced with the cross road event […]

Feng Shui Your Desk

These are what items I most often consider and their importance with regard to desks and good, permanent full-time jobs. #1 Come to terms with the fact that you actually NEED a permanent desk. After hearing lots of complaints about […]

Feng Shui for your Child’s School Paper Overwhelm

I recently got asked this question by a frustrated mom: School’s out and I’m overwhelmed with all the stuff that is left over. Do you have any ideas on how to get a grip on all the paper that my […]