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The Earth Element for the Skills and Knowledge Gua

I so thrilled that you are all out there soaking up as much feng shui information as you can – which I’m sure is making the world a better place one home at a time (my mission statement!) I will […]

Celebrate a New Season!

Spring has Sprung! Happy spring everyone in the Northern hemisphere! It’s time to clean up the mudroom, sweep off the front porch, and welcome the new energies of springtime into the home. Is there some spring cleaning that you could […]

To Microwave or Not Microwave. That is the Question!

To microwave, or not to microwave, that is the question. Little do most people know that you don’t need to actually turn on a microwave oven to be exposed to microwave radiation. Since the age of cell towers and wireless […]

This stuff no longer matches me…some of it never did.

I think I’m pretty much done with shedding my skin as “the year of the snake” comes to a close, but the one thing I am still finishing is my environment (when I say finishing, I mean “for the moment” […]

Preparing for Fall with Feng Shui – Keep the Invitation Open

A hint of fall is in the air, I can feel it. This is a time of transition between the bright, hot “yang-ness” of summer and the darker, cooler yin days of winter. I’ve got a pumpkin growing in the […]

Can a Hoarder be Helped with Feng Shui?

I recently had a consultation with a full-on hoarder, so I thought I’d share some ideas on this subject in case you aren’t sure if you are one, or in case you know someone who is but doesn’t know it. […]

Feng Shui for Health: Your Healthy and Eco-Friendly Challenge

One of my certification course students from Phoenix sent me over her healthy-home to-do list from her course homework. I thought was so good, I thought I’d blog about it. See if you can check them all off yourself! (And […]

Need a Breath of Fresh Air? Here’s how to clean your air and beautify your home.

Asthma sufferers, second-hand smokers, and anyone living in a building (that narrows it down, eh?) take heed! A few indoor plants may seriously save your life! I’m still getting questions about indoor plants ever since that last article on the subject. So, […]

Breathe Easy: Top 10 Tips for Your Lungs

Feeling stiffled in life? Maybe its your indoor air quality! Let’s feng shui it with some tips from the American Lung Association, because, believe it or not, according to them, indoor air quality is more often than not more toxic […]

What harm can electromagnetic fields do?

Yesterday, my acquaintance neighbor stopped by today to offer me his 17″ computer screen as he was getting a new computer.(When you’ve got your house feng shui’d like I do, opportunities are always knocking. ) I asked him how his […]