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Listen To The Words We Say

Listen to the Words We Say … How the Use of Language Can Provide Insight to What Our True Needs Are. One of the first things I do when I provide feng shui services is sit with the client and talk. We talk about what they want to change in their lives, what they feel […]

Learning From Others…Q & A’s

Learning from Others! I’ve had such a wonderful time this year with the people taking part in the “Move Your Stuff with Karen” program. We get on the phone two times a month and really dig into some interesting subjects! One call is totally Q and A-style, and I think everyone would agree, you learn […]

The Earth Element for the Skills and Knowledge Gua

I so thrilled that you are all out there soaking up as much feng shui information as you can – which I’m sure is making the world a better place one home at a time (my mission statement!) I will continue serving up as much feng shui and healthy lifestyle information as I can! And […]

Celebrate a New Season!

Spring has Sprung! Happy spring everyone in the Northern hemisphere! It’s time to clean up the mudroom, sweep off the front porch, and welcome the new energies of springtime into the home. Is there some spring cleaning that you could do that would quickly freshen up your home? I’m thinking cleaning the windows or hosing […]

Holiday Help! – Avoiding Stress at Family Gatherings

So many people have written me recently stressing out because they are going to stressful family gatherings this month. What’s to stress out about? Use feng shui to your advantage before the reunion ever starts! “My family pigeon-holes me into someone I’m not anymore.” OR “My old classmates still think of me as a dweeb.” […]

Feng Shui Tip for Unused, “Fake” Living Rooms

QUESTION: I have one of those “fake” living rooms that was designed to look at and not use. It really bugs me that I have so much square footage not being used in my house, but I’m totally stuck as to how to make it useful and integrate it into the house! Can you help? […]

Feng Shui Success Stories

#1 I have to tell you a happy story that involves feng shui. My brother has been laid off for just a few weeks shy of 2 years and had only 3 more checks coming from unemployment. He told me about an interview he had with Antonelli College in downtown Cincy for an IT administrator […]

Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom for Health and Relationship Improvements

On average, one third of your life is spent in your bedroom. I think it is practically impossible to “waste money” on creating the perfect bedroom as it is your most impacting room of your house! Here are my tips for bedrooms if your love life seems stale or is non-existent, or your health could […]

How to Feng Shui a Hospital Room

If you follow the feng shui rule that “What’s closest to you has the most impact on you,” then chances are, you’re looking for help if you or a loved one has to spend any time in a hospital. I’m been seeing an uptick in the amount of times I get asked this question, so […]

How to Sell a Home Quickly in a Terrible Market

Out of ideas to sell your property? Give feng shui a try! It seems these days that many of my feng shui consultations are geared towards selling a home. So, I thought I’d share some information that might help others out there in their desperate search for ways to sell a home quickly. I’ll start […]