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“Mind” Your Business!

I had the pleasure last month of doing an interview with James Wedmore (Youtube Video Guru!) and Phoebe Mroczek on their new itunes podcast.  We had a great time talking (and laughing) about how to ‘Mind” your business with feng shui and get the most out of your career.  If you have a business, or […]

Job Interview Tips with Feng Shui

My son is auditioning for an arts school this month, which reminded me to pull out the feng shui tips for job interviews. Here are some of my ideas to maximize success: 1. Employ the “helpful people box.” Place the name of the person you are interviewing with, the company name, and anyone else you […]

A Cheap Fix for the World Economy

According to environmental psychology and the timeless rules of feng shui, the more stable and well placed the desk, the more successful the person is who sits there. As a feng shui consultant for almost twenty years, I have noticed a “desk trend” that I believe may be one of the keys to reversing this […]

The Water and Money Connection

    “What’s going on in your house is going on in your life?” is a common phrase in feng shui. If you want to know what’s going on in your financial life, take a look at the water that surrounds you, because what’s going on with your water is going on with your money. […]

Feng Shui for Prosperity – Show Me the Money!

QUESTION:   Help!  I need to make more money.  How can feng shui help me?ANSWER:  Start by checking out the prosperity area of your home.  To find it, you can pretend to overlay a big tic-tac-toe board on top of your home and from standing just inside the front door, you would go to the far […]