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Using Dried Flowers in Feng Shui – Q and A

Question: I am confused regarding dried flowers/cut branches. I have several wreaths and branches. Should I remove all of them from my home? Is there any place in the home these are OK?   Answer: First of all, now that […]

The Wrong Color for a Part of the Bagua – Q and A

  Question: I just read your book and am now rethinking my decor ideas.  I was just getting ready to hang a red curtain in my guest bathroom that falls in the Creativity and Children Gua, and white blinds in […]

How do Garages fit into the Bagua?

Question: How to garages play into the bagua? Mine is full of junk and appears to be taking up my whole skills and knowledge gua. My sister’s totally sticks out in the front of her house, and my dad’s house […]